The Imperial Japanese Navy took air defense of its warships seriously before World War Two. For light anti-aircraft ordnance it chose a heavy 13.2 mm machine gun
and also chose a 25mm cannon. This was at a time when the USN light AA defense was the .50 machine gun and the RN had the .50 Vickers machine gun. The 25mm
gun was a development from a French Hotchkiss weapon developed in 1930. French models imported into Japan were named on June 19, 1935 as either Type 94 or
Type 95 25mm machine guns. The Japanese modified the design and added a German designed Rheinmetall flash suppressor and designated it the Type 96 25mm
Machine Gun Model 1 on August 6, 1936 and was to be the light AA gun of the IJN in World War Two. In theory the gun could fire 200 to 260 rounds per minute. In
reality rate of fire was seriously degraded by the fact that the gun was fed y a 15 round magazine and it took time to replace the magazine. It could fire four types of
rounds, explosive, common, incendiary and tracer. Usually a tracer round was every fourth or fifth round. War experience reflected that rate of fire was too slow
because of the need to frequently change the small capacity magazines, the blast was too strong decreasing crew effectiveness, the single mount was too high and
unwieldy for the average Japanese sailor, and the open ring site was inadequate. By the last years of the war most warships of the IJN were covered by the single 25mm

In the course of preparing this article, I took out an unbuilt Aoshima full hull 1:700 scale
Fuso in her 1944 fit. At the time of her loss at the Battle of Suriago Straits, the
Fuso was covered with single 25mm guns. Imagine by surprise when I discovered that the Aoshima kit lacked parts for the single 25mm gun. Sure the kit had the twin
and triple barrel models but no single guns. Sorry but I don't care that it is in 1:700 scale, the model needs her single 25mm guns. Omitting them is like omitting the rows
of Oerlikon 20mm guns on USN and RN warships. Fortunately
3D Model Parts is the cavalry to the rescue of the settlers with their set N701 25mm single gun on
pedestal mount set. The two piece guns have separate mount and barrel parts, which are all cast on one resin wafer. In my sample I received 44 mounts and 45 barrels,
which is enough for any IJN warship. Quality is excellent with flash suppressor, recoil and banana clip detail. Whats equally if not more important is the fact that if you
are modelling any IJN ship that carried the 25mm single gun and it is not in the parts matrix, you have to have them. Even if your kit has plastic 25mm guns in the parts
mix, they will be crude compared to the
3D Model Parts version.
The 3D Model Parts IJN 25mm Type 96 single barrel anti-aircraft gun on pedestal mount is the perfect solution for any modeler building a 1:700 scale IJN warships
kit. Regardless if you are providing the guns to replace crude plastic guns or providing them because the plastic kit doesn't even have the parts for the single guns, the
3D Model Parts 25mm gun provides the solution.
Steve Backer