So far plastic kit manufacturers have only touched the possibilities offered by the Treaty Cruiser designs of the USN. If you are not familiar with the term, it apples to
all cruiser designs of the signatories of the Washington Treaty of 1922 and the later London Treaty. Cruisers were limited to a maximum displacement of 10,000-tons
and maximum gun caliber of 8-inches. The United States Navy built to the maximum, although the designs came in under 10,000-tons. The main guns were 8-inch for
the heavy cruisers but for secondary guns the 5-inch/25 dual purpose gun in an open mount was chosen. The first two classes,
Pensacola and Northampton Classes,
carried only four of these guns on each ship but the next three classes,
Portland and New Orleans Classes of heavy cruisers and Brooklyn Class light cruiser with 15
6-inch guns main armament, had eight open mount 5-inch/25 per ship. So far the plastic manufacturers have only released the
Indianapolis of the Portland Class by
Tamiya and five of the
New Orleans Class by Trumpeter. I have not seen the 5-inch guns on the Tamiya kit but I do have the 1:700 kits of USS San Francisco and
USS Minneapolis by Trumpeter. You'll see photographs of the 3D Model Parts resin gun compared or rather contrasted with the plastic gun found in the Trumpeter
kit. Contrasted is the proper word in that the plastic gun stands too tall, not to mention lacking the fine detail of the
3D Model Parts guns. Where are the fuse racks on
the plastic mount? They are not there but the resin gun base has these cylinders sharply defined. You'll get enough gun mounts for two
Pensacola or Northampton
cruiser, if they ever get produced, or one model of the
Portland, New Orleans or Brooklyn Classes. With 3D Model Parts you'll also get some spares. Both the open
mount as well as the barrel and gun mechanisms have terrific detail. They are definitely a tremendous improvement over plastic parts.
It is almost impossible for plastic parts in a warship kit to duplicate the fineness and detail of the same parts in resin. The 3D Model Parts 5-inch/25 open mount gun
in 1:700 scale provides superb detail in the mount and barrel/mechanisms. This significant gun was mounted in five classes of USN Treaty cruisers from
Brooklyn. It is the perfect replacement for the plastic guns found on the kits of USS Indianapolis by Tamiya or any of the New Orleans Class kits by
Steve Backer