The quadruple 1.1-inch (28mm) gun mount, nicknamed the “Chicago Piano”, was the standard medium anti-aircraft gun for the United States Navy during the 1930s
and into the early years of World War II. The .50-inch water-cooled machine gun was feared to be too light a weapon for future air defense, so a larger alternative
needed to be developed. The Chicago Piano was fitted on many U.S. warships during the 1930s, but early service during the war revealed that the weapon was
unreliable as it was over-weight, subject to over-heating and prone to frequent jamming. The quad 1.1-inch mounts were replaced by the superior 40mm Bofors and
20mm Oerlikon, though some were still in service on smaller ships through the end of the war.

3D Model Parts has a wide range of 1:700 scale ship accessories and Carl Allsup, the man behind the brand, is now branching out into 1:350 scale. One of their first
products in the larger scale is the quadruple Chicago Piano mount. You get parts for five mounts that come packaged in a plastic tube. The mounts and quad barrels
are separate parts that enable you to pose them in any position. The detail is great and the mounts even have the gunner’s seats. The
3D Model Parts mounts are
much finer than kit provided plastic parts and are three-dimensional, which is something you can’t get with brass photo-etch versions. The parts come on casting
runners but have thin attachment points for easier removal. These resin mounts are an excellent upgrade for your pre-war and early-war U.S. Navy ship and are well
worth the $7.49 price tag.
Felix Bustelo