The final two classes of USN battleships started at the end of World War One were collectively known as "The Big Five".  They consisted of the Tennessee Class
Tennessee and California) with twelve 14" guns and the Colorado Class (Colorado, Maryland, and West Virginia) with eight 16" guns. There was a fourth Colorado
battleship to be named USS Washington but the incomplete battleship was expended under the terms of the Washington Treaty. All five ships looked very similar,
other than the main gun difference. They were at Peal Harbor on December 7, 1941, except for
Colorado, and West Virginia and California were sunk. Their fighting
tops were distinctive with three levels. "Fighting Top" is a misnomer, as their primary purposes were for gun control and sighting, although the "birdbath" platforms did
mount .50 caliber machine guns for light anti-aircraft defense.

Trumpeter has released 1:700 scale kits for
West Virginia, Maryland, Tennessee and California in their 1941 fits with their lovely cagemasts and fighting tops.
However, the kit supplied fighting tops have solid windows and you have to paint them to create an illusion of depth. The tops varied slightly between the two classes.
3D Model Parts has produced resin "Fighting Tops" for both classes. This shows those for the Colorado Class. You will instantly notice the open windows, ready to
be glazed, and the lovely detail of these tops, which make an excellent upgrade for the plastic Trumpeter parts.
Steve Backer