The United States Navy’s 5-Inch/51 gun was the standard secondary gun for battleships built during the 1910s and 1920s. The gun was first fitted as an anti-torpedo
boat gun on the
Florida and Wyoming class battleships and due to its effective performance, it was more widely used and became the main deck gun on some
smaller warships, US Coast Guard cutters and armed merchant ships. A wet-gun version was fitted on a few submarine classes.

Branching out further into 1:350 scale,
3D Model Parts 5-inch/51 gun set lets you build a total of eight guns. The parts come in a clear plastic tube and the guns and
mounts are separate parts that enable you to pose them in any position. There is an extra gun in the tube and I am not sure if this was an error in packaging or
intentional. The parts are finely done, incorporating such details as the gun sights on the barrels. The parts come on casting runners but have thin attachment points
for easier removal. This set is another homerun from
3D Model Parts.
Felix Bustelo