The Five-Inch/51 gun was the was the standard secondary gun for the USN battleship designs prior to World War Two. It was also mounted on the following Carrier
Langley (CV-1), Long Island (AVG-1), Bogue (CVE-9), Sangamon (CVE-26) and Charger (CVE-30); Destroyers: Hatfield (D-231), Brooks (D-232), Gilmer
Fox (D-234) and Kane (D-235) and submaries: Barracuda (SS-163), Bonita (SS-164) and "T" (SS-198) class. The label on the photographs is wrong in that
the 5-Inch/51 was for surface action only, as the 5-Inch/25 was the prewar DP gun. The USMC 5-Inch gun battery at Wake Island used this gun, as it was used for
shore batteries. The gun could also be found on USCG cutters and merchant ships.
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