The Mk 37 director was the culmination of the evolution of gun directors in the USN in World War Two. First begun in 1936,the Mk 37 was first
tested in 1939. For the first time the range finding mechanism was called a computer. Capable of tracking aircraft flying up to 400 mph vertical or
250 mph vertical, it was capable of tracking almost any threat. The Mk 37 was given a flat top as it was designed to accommodate radar from the
beginning. Starting in 1941 Mk 4 DP radars were fitted to the Mk 37 but this was followed by the combination Mk 12 DP radar and Mk 22 "Orange
Peel" AA radar. The Mk 37 Mod. 17 has significant differences to be found in the mount housing. The original Mk 37 had three series of three panels
on the top and from facets of the mount. The Mod. 17 cut back this number to seven total and added a commander's cupola to the left front face.
The Mk 51 AA director could be found on almost every warship in the fleet at the end of the war. This small, visually operated system, played a
significant role in reducing the threat of Kamikazes. Since it was visually operated, its main drawback was its very limited capability at night.

With 3D Model Parts set U714 you get all of your USN AA director needs. The set provides four late model Mk 37 Mod 17 directors and sixteen Mk
51 directors. All parts are resin but there is no photo-etch for the actual radars for the Mk 37.