If you have not noticed, Trumpeter has released a great number of kits in 1:700 scale of Royal Navy warships from World War Two. They have HMS Renown for
1942 and 1945 fits,
HMS Repulse, HMS Hood 1931 and all five of the Queen Elizabeth Class battleships. Of course there are also the older kits from Tamiya and
other Japanese manufacturers of
HMS Hood 1941, HMS Rodney, HMS Nelson and aircraft carriers. You may want to upgrade the plastic octuple 2-pdr pom-pom
mounts provided in these kits to these highly detailed resin pom-pom mounts from
3D Model Parts. Set B701 provides four octuple mounts in each tube. Each
mount comes with two pieces, the base mount and the guns section. The barrels are very thin with the conical muzzle flash suppressors to capture their delicate
appearance in 1:700 scale.