The Royal Navy had very conscious of the need for anti-aircraft guns since World War One when Imperial Germany had Zeppelins. Between the World Wars the Royal
Navy was initially in the lead in naval aviation and ordnance to defeat it. However, by the mid-1930s Japan and the United States had passed Great Britain in carrier designs
and were at least on par if not ahead in anti-aircraft guns. At the start of World War Two the standard light anti-aircraft gun for the Royal Navy was the quadruple
Vickers .50 caliber machine gun mount. The mount was heavy, large and not particularly effective. Only a view mounts were placed even on battleships. Oerlikon 20mm
cannons eventually replaced the Vickers quad mount.

If you are building an early war British warship of any size, you'll probably need to fit her with the Vickers quadruple machine gun mount.
3D Model Parts has the
perfect Vickers gun mount for you with their set B704. Each Vickers mount is comprised of two parts and presents scale ordnance far finer than kit provided Vickers.
Included in the photographs below, is a photograph showing the
3D Model Parts Vickers mount next to the plastic Trumpeter Vickers mount in their HMS Barham kit.
The difference is striking.
Steve Backer