The Oerlikon 20mm light anti-aircraft gun was the best light AA gun of World War Two. The Royal Navy acted quickly to replace their previous light
AA gun, the quadruple Vickers .50 machine gun. The United States Navy was much slower in adopting this weapon to replace their Browning .50
water-cooled machine guns. Oerlkons were manpower intensive so the greater number of guns added the greater the crew requirements. Additionally, as
the Japanese introduced heavier aircraft, the Oerlikon had its destructive ability reduced. One solution that addressed both issues was the twin Oerlikon
mount. Almost any late war USN warship would have some twin Oerlikons on board. For 1:700 scale warship kits, these mounts have invariably been
modeled with brass photo-etch. Now the modeler has an option to have finely detailed twin Oerlikon mounts in resin from 3D Model Parts giving a true
three dimensional look. The tube contains parts for 27 mounts. Each mount has two parts, the shield, pedestal and cradle in one part and the twin guns
as the second part. This set of guns is priced at $5.95.