Five Star Model’s FS350071 PLAN Ladders set provides modelers with a variety of inclined ladders, vertical ladders and hand rails to detail your Trumpeter or Bronco
People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) model.

The set provides five variety of inclined ladders with different widths and step counts. Each inclined ladder has individual rungs which are to be folded into place as well
as the handrails that are folded up. You also get two sets of vertical ladders with one slightly longer than the other. Rounding out the set are two sets of hand rails in
different heights that I think are to be used when needed with the vertical ladders.

The set comes sandwiched between clear plastic sheets for protection. Numbers are etched into the fret to categorize each grouping but there is no guide to help sort
them out. The modeler will have to check references to see which style is correct for your model.
The 5 Star Model PLAN ladders in 1:350 scale is a good set with crisp etching to detail your PLAN ship model. My thanks to Five Star Models for providing the
review sample.
Felix Bustelo
New York