If you want to add some more refined detail to a Trumpeter or Bronco Models kit of a People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) warship in 1:350 scale, Five Star
set FS350068 PLA Navy Watertight Doors is a good starting point. The set provides 90 quality, relief-etched doors in 7 designs. The doors come as one-
piece parts that fold to provide interior surface, exterior surface and door frame. With each piece you can fold the piece to portray the door open at the angle of
your choice or fully closed. The 7 door designs range in size and door pattern and come in port and starboard side configurations. Two patterns have open
portholes in the door. This is a great little set to replace the molded on doors on PLAN plastic kits, which typically appear a little out of scale and a bit clunky.
Felix Bustelo