Both Trumpeter and Bronco Models have released a number of People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) warship in 1:350 scale over the past few years. A number of
those kits come with photo-etch railings, but they either have individual stanchion ends, which I dislike, or are not very refined. In some instances, there are errors in
the photo-etch, like helicopter flight deck safety netting with just the frames and no netting.

Five Star Model set FS35001 PLA Navy Vessel's Guard Rail set is an excellent option to replace the photo-etch railings and flight deck safety netting included in the
Trumpeter and Bronco kits. Five Star’s set comes with two brass frets and the photo-etch is much more refined than the kit supplied photo-etch. Fret A has six lengths
of 3-bar railing, five lengths of 2-bar railing and three lengths of 3-bar railing that has a slight droop. The railings have a bottom runner which makes it easier to attach to
the decks. The bottom of Fret A has a number of support stanchions to apply to the railings if you feel adventurous. Fret B has two lengths each of 3-bar and 2-bar
railing with narrower stanchion placement for superstructures and platforms as well as some other styles of railing. Also provided on Fret B are lengths of flight deck
safety netting.
This is a great little set to with a variety of railings to detail maybe two PLAN plastic kits, depending on the size of the vessel. My thanks to Five Star Models for
providing the review sample.
Felix Bustelo