The People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) Type 062 class patrol gunboat (NATO: Shanghai I & II class) is a small but relatively well-armed vessel and is the
most widely built and exported Chinese naval vessel in terms of numbers. During the late 1950s, the PLAN determined that the 50 to 80-ton
Shantou and Huangpu
class gunboats were too small and lacked both firepower and endurance. Several prototypes were built by different shipyards and after an evaluation, it was decided
in 1960 that a hybrid version of all the prototypes be laid down at the Dalian shipyard in Luda. When it went into full production, it was designated as the Type 062

According to Janes, construction began in 1961 and over 300 boats were built over the course of 30 years for both the PLAN and for export to foreign customers.
The latter include North Korea, Pakistan, North Vietnam, Egypt, Tunisia and Albania among several others. While most of the earlier built boats have been removed
from service and possibly scrapped, it is believed that about 100 are still operational and in reserve with the PLAN and other navies.
The Shanghai II, which is the version represented by this model, is an improved version of the Shanghai I in that it is slightly larger and more heavily armed.
There are some variants within the class with the difference being the outline of their bridges. The
Shanghai II measures 127’ 3” long, with a beam of 17’ 7” and a
draft of 5’ 6” (38.8 x 5.4 x 1.7 meters). The vessel displaces 113 tons standard and 134 tons full load. The
Shanghai II has a pair of twin 37mm anti-aircraft guns
forward and aft and a pair of twin 25mm anti-aircraft guns amidships. The boat could also carry eight deep charges for anti-submarine warfare and/or six mines.
The Type 062 is only suitable for coastal patrol and cannot be deployed far from their home port.

This kit is Five Star Model’s first offering in 1:350 scale. To date they have a fairly extensive catalog of photo-etch detail sets and complete multimedia upgrade
sets in 1:700 and 1:350 scale and resin kits in 1:700 scale. The
Type 062Shanghai class kit is comprised of resin, photo-etch and turned brass parts.
The resin parts count is relatively low with about 28, including the one-piece full hull. The hull is well done and clean with some of details, such as mooring bitts,
bridge housing, hatch coamings, skylight housings and gun bases. The majority of the details will be added using photo-etch parts. The hull, which measures about
4.31 inches, comes on a casting block but with a thin attachment point along the keel and prow, which should make removal a little easier and any clean up minimal.
I would have liked a waterline option but I can think of ways to display it in a seascape. The smaller resin parts included a pair of large vents, small mushroom vents,
radome, capstan, propeller bosses, searchlights and various bridge and deck fittings. The small parts come on casting runners and the tinier of these parts are housed
in between resin walls to protect them from breaking off.

A comprehensive photo-etch fret is provided with very well-done relief etching. Part numbers are etched into the fret for easy identification. The parts to build the
37mm and 25mm guns - bases, shields, breeches, sights and seats - are provided to produce very detailed sub-assemblies. The other parts include premeasured
railings, ladders, bilge keels, propeller blades, rudders, watertight doors, hatches, skylights, storage lockers, bridge bulkhead with details, lattice mast and platforms,
bridge windows with eyebrows, depth charge tracks, chocks, cable reels and other details parts.
Turned brass barrels for the 37mm and 25mm guns are provided and they are also well done and very much welcome as the are more in scale and much sturdier than
any resin version would be. Brass rod of different diameters, which are not provided, are required to complete the model with specifics pointed out in the assembly
instructions. Decals are not included with this kit.

The assembly instructions are printed double-sided on two sheets of glossy paper. The top half of the first sheet has images of the kit parts as an inventory. Each step
of the model construction is shown in detailed full-color photos with part number references. The bottom of the last page has two photos of the fully assembled
model. The biggest omission from the assembly instructions is a painting guide, which is a little frustrating. It would have been nice to have at least some paint color
suggestions for a PLAN ship.
Overall, this is a promising first 1:350 scale kit release from Five Star Model. The subject matter is certainly esoteric but with units sold to foreign countries, there may be
a wider appeal and opportunities to build it as a vessel in one of those smaller navies. I hope that Five Star Model will consider offering in 1:350 scale some of the IJN
subjects currently available only in 1:700 scale. I also wish that some basic painting instructions will be added to future kit releases. My thanks to Five Star Model for
providing the review sample.
Felix Bustelo
New York