Five Star Model claims that this is not merely upgrade set for the Trumpeter 1:350 scale USS Massachusetts kit, but that it is a “Complete Upgrade Set”. Well, is it
really?  Let’s take a look. Resin parts? Yes, you get 136 resin parts. Photo-etch?  You bet and 18 frets worth. Turned brass parts? With 159 individual pieces, I would
say that is an affirmative. But wait, do I see, blue stained laser cut wooden decks?  Well yes I do and a brass anchor chain to round things off. OK, decals are not
included, but that is a minor technicality that will not affect the final verdict – yes boys and girls, this is indeed a “Complete Upgrade Set”.

The resin parts are all very well cast and detailed and are a definite improvement over the kit parts. The parts are very clean, with some needing a little attention to
remove bits of excess resin. The only other clean up needed will be to touch up the spots where they were attached to the casting runners.
The turned brass parts are very well done and clear and there is no question that they are better than the plastic parts, especially the small gun barrels.

The turned brass parts include:

16-inch gun barrels        Bollards
5-inch gun barrels        Windlasses
40mm Bofors barrels        Medium bucket vents
20mm Oerlikon barrels and pedestals        Large bucket vent
The resin parts include:

Twin 5-inch gun turrets        5-inch practice loaders
Quad 40mm Bofors mounts        Small and medium mushroom vents
26-foot motor launches        SG, SK-2, SR & Mk. 27 radar pedestals
16-inch gun blast bags        Open and closed chocks
Mk. 51 rangefinders        Paravanes
Mk. 37 rangefinder housings        Windlasses
Mk. 38 rangefinder housings        Sky lookouts
Mk. 57 rangefinders        Life rings
This set comes with a whopping 18 individual frets of crisp and clean photo-etch parts with beautiful relief etching. There are lots and lots of parts that should make
the most demanding super-detailer giddy with joy.

Fret A consists of parts for the catapults, aircraft recovery crane and parts to detail the Kingfisher aircraft and aircraft trolley.

Fret B has parts for the midship crane, foc’sle metal plating underneath the anchor chains, various anchor handling details fitted on the foc’sle, gussets to support the
breakwater, numerous hatches fitted along the hull, shoulder rests and sights for the 20mm Oerlikons and stowed and deployed accommodation ladders.

Fret C has the top face and other details for the three 16-inch gun turrets, shields and hand wheels for the 20mm Oerlikons, 20mm ready ammo lockers, details for
the 26-foot motor launches.
Fret D has parts for the quad 40mm Bofors mounts, such as the breeches, case chutes and shields.

Fret E has the parts to detail the twin 5-inch turrets, to build the SR radar, build the TDY radar jammer, to detail the Mk. 51 and Mk. 57 rangefinders and the
gunners’ seats and box for the quad 40mm Bofors.

Fret F has the base plates, rear railings and gun sights for the quad 40mm Bofors (yes there are a lot parts for each 40mm gun), This fret also has the railings and
vertical ladders for 16-inch gun turrets, parts to detail the resin windlasses, the grills for the bucket vents among other small parts.
Fret G has the parts to make the various radars fitted on the battleship. There are multiple parts to build the SK-2, SG and Mk. 27 radars. For the Mk. 37 gun director,
you get the parts to make the Mk. 12 and Mk. 22 fire control radars and small parts to detail the resin director housing. For the Mk. 38 gun director you get parts for
the Mk. 8 fire control radar fitted on top as well as other parts to detail the resin housing. The way that these are all broken down into many parts will require strong
skills working with photo-etch parts.

Fret H is relatively mundane in that it has all of the main deck railings with drooped chains and broken down into several uniform lengths. The stern railings are special
in that the have a section with a lower height to accommodate the swinging out of the catapults.

Fret I has the base tread plates for the various quad 40mm gun tubs and the inner and outer support gussets. The fret also has the base plates for the 20mm tubs fitted
atop of the B and C main turrets as well as parts to make the small rangefinder tubs and the cradle and trolleys for the 26-foot launches.

Fret J has the 40mm ready ammo racks for their respective tubs and the mesh for the floater net baskets.
Fret K has the brackets for the floater net baskets in two styles, one for those fitted upright on a deck and those that are fitted to a bulkhead. This fret also has parts
for the 5-inch practice loaders, life raft lashings and a variety of cable reels.

Fret L has a variety of watertight doors, deck hatches and portholes. The doors have an outer and inner face and frame which will allow you to pose them open or
closed. The same option is there for the hatches.

Fret M has the railings for the upper decks, vertical ladders, parts to detail the sky lookouts, stowage brackets for the paravanes and more small detail parts. The
vertical ladders are designed to have each rung bent out for a more 3D effect.

Fret N has detailed bulkheads that are meant to fit over the kit parts and not replace them, so you will have to sand the plastic surfaces down for a better fit. This fret
also has some inclined ladders and items to detail the brass bulkheads.
Fret O has more of the overlay bulkheads and the parts for funnel interior and cap.

Fret P has the remaining bulkheads, the bridge roof with windshield frames, the aft boat booms with rigging, ladders for the boat booms, signal flag lockers, some
splinter shields for the 20mm gun placements, a few more inclined ladders and other parts.

Fret Q has platforms and yardarms for the fore and main masts, platforms and associated bulkheads and some other small parts.

Fret R has the splinter shields for the quad 40mm Bofors tubs, more splinter shields for the 20mm gun placements, base plates for the twin bitts and some other
platforms and small details.
Rounding off the detail set are two sheets of blue stained laser cut wood decks with a self-adhesive backing and a brass anchor chain. The assembly guide is a 15-page
booklet with the first two pages and the very top of page 3 having images of the of the photo-etch frets, wood decks, chain, resin parts and turned brass parts as an
inventory. The following pages have full color photos showing the placement of the subassemblies and most of the parts provided with this detail set. The photos are
images of the actual kit with the various photo-etch parts fitted in place, which is very helpful. Yet going through the assembly guide, I noticed that some parts on the
frets are not referenced or do not appear at all, so placement is a question. Some other parts are in the photos but are not referenced by part numbers. In one instance on
page 7, the signal flag lockers are mislabeled as part C27, indicating that it is on photo-etch fret C. Actual it is part P27. The photos show the subassemblies fully put
together and as some are quite complex, some images or illustrations breaking the steps down would be useful.

This is an extremely extensive and well-done upgrade set which will turn the Trumpeter
Massachusetts kit into something outstanding. There is no area of the model not
covered in some manner with this detail set and because of that, I would recommend it for experience modelers and not for someone just starting to working with
photo-etch. Some of the parts could be omitted according to your appetite for super-detailing or patience. My thanks to Five Star Model for the review sample.
Felix Bustelo