Five Star Model offers a wide variety of photo-etch and turned brass accessories to replace poorly done parts found on injection-molded kits or to just add extra
details. Among their offerings,
Five Star has three different types of bucket vents that were found on larger US Navy ship during World War II. Five Star identifies
them as “US Navy Vents” but they are indeed bucket vents. Each set is sold separately. Type 2 is the largest of the three, with Type 1 in the middle and Type 3 the
smallest. What size bucket vents they are supposed to be is vague but my less than educated guess is that they are 36”, 30” and 18”.

Each set provides four turned brass vents and a tiny photo-etch fret packaged in a clear plastic box. The turned brass vents are beautifully done and come with a pin
on the bottom to fit into a corresponding locater hole. The photo-etch frets have grills to fit around the top of the vent. The photo-etch brass provides five grills so you
have an extra one in case you mangle one of the others.
These are neat little sets that will help upgrade your model with very detailed bucket vents. My thanks to Five Star Model for providing the review samples.
Felix Bustelo