1:700 & 1:720 Scale Photo-Etch Reviews
Atlantic Models
Royal Navy Pre-Dreadnought Railing, Atlantic Models 1:700 Scale - Do you need railing for the ever expanding fleet of Combrig 1:700 scale Royal Navy WWI and prewar battleships, battle cruisers
and armored cruisers?
Atlantic Models set ATEM08 is just what the Admiralty ordered for WWI and earlier railing. Entitled "Superfine Pre-Dreadnought Style Rails", the railings in this fret are indeed
Flyhawk Model
Royal Navy Anti-Aircraft Guns Set One, Flyhawk Model 1:700 Scale, Set FH 700034, Review by Steve Backer - Flyhawk Model Set FH 700034 provides highly detailed, intricate, relief etched parts
for three types of Royal Navy anti-aircraft guns. This beautiful fret has parts for eight 8-barreled pom-pom mounts, six 4-barreled pom-pom mounts and eight 4-barreled Vickers' machine gun mounts.
IJN Binocular & Anti-Aircraft Fire Control Fittings, Flyhawk Model 1:700 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - Do you see binocular and anti-aircraft fire control equipment on your IJN models in 1:700
scale? No you don't because they would be too small for the plastic model manufacturers to capture.
Flyhawk Model has a solution with their Binocular & Director brass photo-etch set in 1:700 scale,
FH 70022.
DKM 37mm L83 SK C/30 Twin Barreled Anti-Aircraft Gun Brass Set, Flyhawk Model 1:700 Scale, Set FH 700130, Review by Steve Backer - Flyhawk Model Set FH 700130 provides 23 gun
mounts of a prominent German anti-aircraft gun of World War Two. This fret provides heavily relief-etched brass 37mm L83 SK C/30 twin-barreled guns.
DKM Name Plates Two, Flyhawk Model Set FH 700029, Review by Steve Backer - Flyhawk has a set of four relief-etched name plates that cover the Prinz Eugen and all three panzerschiffes,
Deutschland, Scheer and Graf Spee. They are usable to enhance the presentation of any scale model of any of the four ships.
Royal Navy Railing, Flyhawk Model 1:700 Scale, Set FH 700062, Review by Steve Backer - With so many Royal Navy warships available in 1:700 scale, Flyhawk has provided the perfect solution for
railing for these kits. Included in the fret are a total of 19 runs of railing in eight different patterns, including stern walk railing and funnel foot rail.
Scharnhorst Brass Main Mast, Flyhawk Model 1:700 Scale, Set FH 700150 - For modelers of the Tamiya 1:700 scale Scharnhorst, Flyhawk has produced set FH 700150 brass mainmast. As with the
other mast sets from
Flyhawk, the set includes turned brass mast legs and a relief-etched brass fret for platforms, supports and railings.
Modern USN Accommodation Laders, Flyhawk Model 1:700 Scale, FH 700084 - If you are looking for modern USN Accommodation Ladders in 1:700 scale, Flyhawk Model has Set FH 700084
USN Modern Ladders. Included in the set are eighteen multi-piece accommodation ladders with twelve uncovered ladders and six canvas covered ladders.
JMSDF Railing, Flyhawk Model 1:700 Scale, FH 700089 - If you build 1:700 scale models of the sleek warships of the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Course, as the modern Japanese Navy is called,
this brass photo-etch set is just right for providing those essential fittings taken for granted, railing.
Flyhawk set FH 700089 provides four patterns of railing plus flight deck safety netting.
Modern USN Railing, Flyhawk Model 1:700 Scale, FH 700086 - Flyhawk Model brass photo-etch set FH 700086 is designed to provide a wide array of railing for modern US Navy ships in 1:700
scale. Not designed for one particular model,
Flyhawk decided to provide five different patterns of USN railing, as well as six different patterns of safety netting.
Gneisenau Brass Masts, Flyhawk Model 1:700 Scale, Set FH 700151 - Another installment of the Flyhawk Model range of metal masts for the heavy warships of the Deutsch Kriegsmarine is this set.
Flyhawk set FH700151 provides both the foremast and main mast for the 1:700 scale Tamiya kit. Included are two turned brass tapered mass and a full photo-etch brass frets of yardarms and
additional details.
IJN Anti-Aircraft Guns II, Flyhawk Model 1:700 Scale, Set FH 700068 - Flyhawk Model set FH 700068, IJN Anti-Aircraft Guns II,  provides 1:700 scale AA guns for Imperial Japanese Navy twin
and triple 25mm AA gun mounts.
Tirpitz Brass Main Mast, Flyhawk Model 1:700 Scale, FH 700153 - Among the Flyhawk Model releases of turned brass main masts with additional photo-etch detail in 1:700 scale is the Tirpitz mast.
Flyhawk set FH 700153 provides tapered turned brass mast legs, although only one is needed a a fret of relief-etched photo-etch.
Russian Water-Tight Doors, Flyhawk Model 1:700 Scale, Set FH 700103 - With the explosion of plastic kits from Trumpeter, Dragon and others on Russian warships in 1:700 scale, its time to add
additional brass photo-etch details.
Flyhawk Model has a set of Russian Water-Tight Doors. Flyhawk set FH 700103, however, provides more than just doors, as life rings and bow stars also appear
on this set.
IJN Davits & Cable Reels, Flyhawk Model 1:700 Scale, FH 700065 - Flyhawk Model produces FH 700065 for Imperial Japanese Navy davits and cable reels in 1:700 scale. There are four different
styles of davits with hull side mounting brackets.
Hand Rails WWII, Flyhawk Model 1:700 Scale, FH 700096 - Flyhawk Model produces a photo-etch fret of generic hand or foot rails in 1:700 scale. Flyhawk set FH 700096 contains twelve runs of
straight railing and thirty-four curved rails for funnels.
German Kriegsmarine Deck Railing, Flyhawk Model 1:700 Scale, FH 700064 - With the Dragon and Trumpeter and Aoshima new mold Bismarck & Tirpitz kits, not to mention the new Trumpeter
Admiral Hipper and Prinz Eugen kits in 1:700 scale, there certainly is a need for photo-etch railings for all of the new kits. Flyhawk Model set FH 700064 provides World War II German
Kriegsmarine Railing in 1:700 scale.
Myoko Class Heavy Cruiser Brass Photo-Etched Main Decks, Flyhawk Model 1:700 Scale, FH 700092 - This Flyhawk Model brass photo-etch set is an elegant set, which replaces the main decks for
a 1:700 scale
Myoko class heavy cruiser. Beautifully relief-etched, the brass decks of Flyhawk set FH 700092 provide extraordinary detail with necessary deck openings, fitting locations.
Prinz Eugen Brass Main Mast, Flyhawk Model 1:700 Scale FH 700154 - Flyhawk Model has introduced a new line of brass after market accessories for 1:700 scale model warships. This one is the
brass main mast for the 1:700 scale
Prinz Eugen. Flyhawk set FH 700154 includes turned brass and relief-etched photo-etched brass parts for a complete replacement of the main mast.
Essex Carrier Super Detail Set, Flyhawk Model 1:700 Scale, Review by Duncan Kennedy - FlyHawk has done several Super Detail sets, but this one for Trumpeter’s Essex carrier kits is a
masterpiece. Indeed, even if you used only half of these beautiful parts it will make a fantastic improvement and still be well worth the investment. Review by Duncan Kennedy.
IJN 203mm Turret Insulation Panels, Flyhawk Model 1:700 Scale FH 700093 - The Imperial Japanese Navy came up with a unique solution to turret heat in the form of insulation panels for their
203mm gun turrets. The panels were attached to the sides and crown of the turret with an air void between the panel and turret, insulating the turret from heat created by direct exposure to solar
radiation. With
Flyhawk Model brass photo-etch fret FH700093, you can portray these unique panels in 1:700 scale.
IJN Heavy Boat Booms, Flyhawk Model 1:700 Scale, FH700016 - With Flyhawk Model set FH700016 you can run out those swinging boat booms to depict your model at anchor. Eight booms in
two different styles are provided and include handling rigging and ladders.
IJN Heavy Fairleads/Open Chocks, Flyhawk Model 1:700 Scale, FH700017 - With Flyhawk photo-etch set FH700017 you receive hundreds of relief-etched fairleads/open chocks in nine different
German 37mm/69 M42 AA Guns, Flyhawk Model 1:700 Scale, FH700012 - With Flyhawk Model 1:700 scale brass photo-etch set FH700012, you get 24 DKM 37mm/69 M42 AA gun mounts.
RN Battleship Name Plates, Flyhawk Model 1:700 Scale, FH 700026 - Flyhawk has a new brass photo-etched set of name plates for battleships of the Royal Navy in World War Two. Actually this is
the first set as
Flyhawk set FH 700026 has four name plates. These are for Rodney, Nelson, King George V and Prince of Wales.
Kriegsmarine Portholes, Brass Photo-Etch Set, Flyhawk Model 1:700 Scale - Flyhawk Model has produced brass photo-etch set FH 700003, German KM Windows Set. As you can see, this set
consists of seven styles of windows found in the warships of the Kriegsmarine.
USN Quadruple 40mm Bofor Gun Mounts, Brass Photo-Etch Fret, Flyhawk Model 1:700 Scale, Set FH 700006 - Another new release by Flyhawk Model in their 1:700 scale ordnance series is this
set of quadruple 40mm Bofors guns,
FH 700006. Parts are provided for eight mounts. Each of the mounts have six relief-etched parts.  
British Eight-Barreled Pom-Pom Brass Photo-Etch, Flyhawk Model 1:700 Scale - Flyhawk has produced some brass frets devoted to different makes of ordnance in 1:700 scale. This is the Flyhawk
set FH 700005
with parts for five eight-barreled RN pom-poms.
Prinz Eugen Brass Photo-Etch Detail Set, Flyhawk Model 1:700 Scale - If you like options in photo-etch, your horizon has suddenly expanded. Not only do you have another source for relief-etched
details for warship kits with Flyhawk Model, but also their first product, FH 700001. This three fret brass detail set for the 1:700 scale Tamiya Prinz Eugen, is very impressive and finely done.
Gold Medal Models
Pre-World War Two USN 1/4 Air Wing Photo-Etch Detail Set, Gold Medal Models 1:700 Scale - Gold Medal Models provides another triumph of minituration with the GMM one-fourth Carrier Air
Wing photo-etch fret for USN pre-war carriers in 1:700 scale. This fret is identical in detail to the larger fret from
GMM on the same topic but in 1:350 scale but provides the same outstanding detail in
the much smaller scale.
CVN 1/4 Air Wing Photo-Etch Detail Set, Gold Medal Models 1:700 Scale - Gold Medal Models provides another tasty treat with the GMM CVN 1/4 Air Wing photo-etch detail set in 1:700 scale.
The scale may be small but the details are big in this full plate of relief-etched goodies.
Nimitz Class Aircraft Carriers Photo-Etch Detail Set, Gold Medal Models 1:700 Scale - This Gold Medal Models 1:700 scale set is so flexible and covers so many unique details of the various units of
the class that you’ll want to build more than one of these carriers. With different radars on early ships, different radar masts by ship and fit period, and a transom cage only on some units of the class,
those are just three of the major areas of differences among the ships.    
USS Lexington CV-2, Photo-Etch Detail Set, Gold Medal Models 1:700 Scale - In your quest for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Detail, you need go no further than Loren Perry’s photo-etch set for
the 1:700 scale
Lexington and Saratoga. The fret has all of the detail needed to fully clothe the Lex for battle in the quality for which GMM is widely renowned.
Modern Soviet Cruisers & Destroyers Photo-Etched Detail Set, Gold Medal Models 1:700 Scale - After an eleven year run of being the best 1:700 scale photo-etch set available for multiple classes of
Soviet warship kits, the
Gold Medal Models GMM 700-09 set of 1993 has been replaced by a far better set. Oddly enough the new king is Gold Medal Models GMM 700-09 of 2004. Although
specifically designed for plastic kits of
Kirov, Sovremenny, Udaloy and Krivak classes, the utility of this set goes far beyond those kits. Review by Steve Backer.
USN World War Two Battleship Fittings, Gold Medal Models 1:700 Scale - Loren Perry of Gold Medal Models has reworked the GMM 700-3 fret for 1:700 scale fittings for USN World War Two
battleships. In this article the 1:700 scale
GMM battleship fittings go mano a mano with the 1:1 scale fittings of the USS Alabama. Tune in to see the results of this three round, no holds barred, battle
royal, smack-down that provides the pros and cons for both the 1:700 and 1:1 versions for modelers.
Bradford Chaucer reviews the Gold Medal Models 1:700 photo-etched fret for the Modern USS New Jersey.
Gold Medal Models 1:720 Set for US Supercarriers  by Les Dorr
Modern Generic Doors Photo-Etch Set, L'Arsenal 1:700 Scale - Jacques and L'Arsenal have come up with a photo-etch set to modern generic doors in 1:700 scale. The set includes two frets of
doors in white metal. With each fret you receive 28 doors with latch and open port hole and another 28 doors with hand wheel.
Lion Roar
IJN Aircraft Carrier Drains, Lion Roar 1:700 Scale, Set R7032 - Lion Roar brass 1:700 scale photo-etch set R7032 is entitled IJN Aircraft Carrier Drain. What is a carrier drain? When I saw them
I thought they were hull side catwalks and the photographs were labeled as such. I was wrong.
Dan Kaplan knew exactly what they were. "These are not catwalks. IJN CV flight decks were ringed
with rain gutters. That's what LionRoar's "Drains" are meant to depict, though only the top of them. In reality, in cross-section, they would look just like rain gutters with a support tab spaced every 6"
or so on top.
IJN 25mm Antiaircraft Guns II, Lion Roar 1:700 Scale, Set R7031 - The Imperial Japanese Navy introduced their single 25mm antiaircraft guns early in the war and only later fielded the twin and
triple gun mounts.
Lion Roar has released a set of 1:700 scale single 25mm guns with IJN 25mm Antiaircraft Guns Set II R7031.  
IJN 25mm Anitiaircraft Guns I, Lion Roar 1:700 Scale, Set R7030 - Lion Roar IJN 25mm Antiaircraft Guns I 1:700 scale photo-etch set, R7030, provides relief etched brass for the double and
triple 25 mm gun mounts found on mid to late war warships of the Imperial Japanese Navy. The set has enough parts to produce sixteen triple 25mm mounts and five twin 25mm mounts.
IJN Destroyer Depth Charge Racks, Lion Roar 1:700 Scale, Set R7029 - With a wide variety of excellent 1:700 scale plastic kits of IJN Japanese destroyers available, the question comes on what items
deserve to have their plastic parts replaced with brass photo-etch. One piece of equipment readily jumps to mind, the depth charge racks. With Lion Roar set
R7029 you have the set necessary to
accomplish this refit.
IJN Funnel Foot Rails, Lion Roar 1:700 Scale, Set R7033 - If you examine any Imperial Japanese Navy warship from World War Two, you’ll notice the prominent use of hand/foot rails on the
funnels. It doesn’t matter if they are a battleship or aircraft carrier or a destroyer, they all have these rails. Injected plastic manufacturers have replicated this feature, if they have tried at all, with raised
seams. Unfortunately, that doesn’t cut it. Now,
Lion Roar has come out with a brass photo-etch fret to provide these iconic features in 1:700 scale with their R7033 photo-etch set. 
WWII USN Anchors & Chocks, Lion Roar 1:700 Scale, Set R7062 - Lion Roar produces a brass photo-etch set of 1:700 scale WWII USN Anchors and Chocks, R7062. Anchor flukes are relief
etched and come in three sizes with twelve large, twelve medium and eight small anchors. You can also replace those hugely over-scale plastic chocks with the brass chocks in this set. 
USN WW2 Cruiser Cranes, Lion Roar 1:700 Scale R7060 - The label of Lion Roar photo-etch set R7060 states that the set is for 1:700 scale battleships. However, one quick glance at the instructions
clearly shows that this stainless steel photo-etched fret is designed for 1:700 scale WWII USN heavy and light cruisers. Cranes for seven different classes are provided. 
IJN Warship Nameplates, Lion Roar 1:700 Scale LE700076 - Did you ever wish that you had scale nameplates for your 1:700 scale IJN warships:? Well now you do. Lion Roar produces a set of
nameplates for the ships. With set
LE700076 Lion Roar provides the individual characters that are stored on film. 
HMS Onslow, British O Class Destroyer, Brass Photo-Etch Set, Lion Roar 1:700 Scale LE700101 - Although designed for the O Class destroyers, the Lion Roar 1:700 scale brass detail set for HMS
LE700101 has parts that are equally applicable to any Royal Navy destroyer. This large photo-etch set provides an impressive number of high quality parts. 
North Star Models
Porthole Fittings with & without Eyebrow, North Star Models 1:350 & 1:700 Scales - Do you have a kit that requires the "Maximum Effort"? Real ships most often had fittings that diverted water
from a porthole. Called a rigole, we call them porthole eyebrows. Very few models in 1:350 scale in plastic or resin portray this minute feature and in 1:700 scale, "Fugetaboutit".
North Star Models saw
a need and steeped into the breech. Here are four different relief-etched brass frets with nothing but porthole fittings.
Modern Russian Water Tight & Gas Tight Doors, North Star Askold Line 1:700 Scale - Pssst! Hey Buddy! Could you use over 300 relief-etched brass doors for 1:700 scale modern Russian
warships? Of course you could!
North Star Models/ Askold Line has produced fret 700001 with 340 water tight and gas tight doors in 1:700 scale.
Regia Marina
Carlo Bergamini Frigate Photo-Etch Set, Regia Marina 1:700 Scale, Review by Ayala Botto - A Regia Marina AF097 – Super Detail Photo-Etch set, is a highly recommended add-on, in order to
represent a “premium” model of the FREMM
Carlo Bergamini class Frigate (GP / ASW) and once applied, will definitely make all the difference as to level of details, accuracy and quality is concerned.
White Ensign Models
DKM Doors and Hatches, White Ensign Models 1:700 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - White Ensign Models has always been a staple in providing relief-etched brass doors and hatches to
super-detail model warships.
White Ensign Models fret WEM PE 764 provides 140 doors and 34 winches for models of World War Two German warships.