I bought another WWII vintage kit on the auction site. This is an AMPCO Indiana circa 1940, 500 Scale. It was listed as Folk Art but it is definitely an AMPCO kit
because the 5 inch guns are exactly like their
Savannah. They made a bunch of stuff in 1940 competing with Ideal Toy Company. I was really pleased to find this and
in as good of shape as it is in. Again some modeler really did a job on this one. Not sure anybody has ever seen on of these. It says
Indiana on the bottom of the hull
and AMPCO made one in 500 scale. I am not sure this is it but I believe it is. It has basic cut pieces like the Strombecker kits and then some you carve or cut out.
One like this is easily repairable. I've already made a space next to my Ideal
North Carolina on the shelf. There is also a Megow's Italian liner Rex and a 1940 Ideal
Toy Company
Wasp CV-7 on the site this week.
Tom Ratliff
Atlanta, Georgia