This is my 1/350 scale model of the Admiral Graf Spee. The kit came from Academy and also used after-market products, which includes the greatly
detailed Eduard’s photo-etch set, BNA wooden deck which is extremely accurate and brass turned barrels.

I wanted to depict the model as
Graf Spee on her way to Montevideo, during which the ship had a really attractive camouflage scheme. Changes and
alterations had to be made to depict the model during that time. I further detailed the model with various piping and trunking utilising copper wire, plastic
card and strips.
Photo-etch bits and pieces were added to further enhance the detailing of the model. The catapult platform was scratch-built. The boating equipment
was also further detailed with left overs from the wooden deck. The figures came from
NorthStar and are simply excellent. The model was painted
with a combination of enamels, acrylics and oils, to create various shadows and highlights. It was further weathered with Ammo products.    
Louis Carabott