At the US IPMS Nation Convention in Chattanooga, Tennessee, there were several Royal Navy entries from Dave Mezera of Indiana. This one is the HMS Warspite
from Academy in 1:350 scale. It is the Premium Edition, which includes the
Pontos super-detail set, which has photo-etch and wooden decks. The kit is of the 1942
fit but Dave backdated it to 1937. He had to narrow the bridge and remove the Oerlikon tubs. The turret crest tubs were replaced by
White Ensign Models
quadruple Vickers .50 machine guns. A Fairey Swordfish from
L'Arsenal with fabricated floats replaced the Walrus that came in the kit. Crew figures are from
Fujimi and stretched sprue was used for the rigging. The model was painted with Model Masters paint and weathering was done with soft pastel chalk. Winner
Place Battleships in 1:350 Scale