Life raft canisters are fitted to practically every modern vessel be it military or merchant. When a ship sinks, these canisters are released from their storage racks
automatically when it a certain depth is reached. As it rises to the surface, a line that is fastened to the rack will be pulled taut and cause the raft inside to inflate. This
forces the canister open, releasing the raft for survivors to climb into. Admiralty Model Works has released a 1:700 resin set of life raft canisters which contain 24 of
the twin and 4 single versions. The rafts are nicely cast and come of runners from which they will need to be removed from. Some minor cleanup will be needed at
the attachment point.
This upgrade set from Admiralty Model Works will be a welcome addition to any modern 1:700 scale model that are fitted with these canisters. My thanks to
Admiralty Model Works for the review sample.
Felix Bustelo