In 1967, the Israeli destroyer Eilat (ex-HMS Zealous) was sunk on October 21, 1967 hit by three Soviet-made Styx missiles launched by Egyptian Komar-class missile
boats. This incident shocked senior United States Navy officers, who until then had not been conscious of the threat posed by anti-ship missiles. Work immediately
began on developing the Harpoon anti-ship missile system. The shipborne Harpoon, RGM-84, is fitted with a solid-fuel rocket booster that detaches when expended to
allow the missile's main turbojet to maintain flight. The missiles are stored in ceramic armored canister launchers and four of these are fitted on the Mk. 141 launcher.
The missiles were stored and fired from the canisters at a fixed angle. The Mk. 141 launcher is used by many navies around the world.

Admiralty Model Works has released a 1:700 version of the Mk. 141 launcher which is comprised of turned brass canisters and photoetch racks. This set provides parts
to assemble two launchers, which is how they are typically fitted on ships. The turned brass canisters are nicely done but will require removing the bit of brass nub at
one end. The photo-etch is a bit of relief etching and also looks well done. The assembly guide consists of two drawings showing how the parts fit together and what it
looks like assembled. This upgrade set from Admiralty Model Works will be a welcome addition to any modern 1:700 scale model that is fitted with Harpoon missiles. I
do hope that a 1:350 scale version will be released at some point. My thanks to Admiralty Model Works for the review sample.
Felix Bustelo