For the reveal of April 2019 Mystery Models 1 & 2, we will rely on this quotation from David Angelo of Loose Cannon East, since both models are coming from
Loose Cannon East in 1:700 scale. "They are: Empire Liberty - the British freighter that was the basis for the Liberty ship design, and a US Army Liberty Ship
conversion to a Hospital Ship. The hospital ship was one of 6 built, the lead ship was named
Blanche F. Sigman, for the first Army Nurse killed at Anzio. Most of the
rest were named as flowers. I chose to name the model
Wisteria, a lot easier than Blanche F. Sigman. But the kit includes name decals for all 6. I found several
mistakes I need to correct before I release the kit (
Empire Liberty). Like the too thin funnel & the bridge decks are off center.  Where the heck did I learn to measure, I
keep asking my self....The trucks for deck cargo are included in the kit"

Tom Cervo was the closest for guessing April Mystery Model 1 with, "If it's a British Empire class in 1/700, it fills a big void." He did miss the manufacturer. For
April Mystery Model 2, Bob J. came closest with, "
With all the internet searches I do for models along with searching Shapeways. I know that DiStefan on
Shapeways has a 1/700 US Army Hospital ship Wisteria that looks exactly like this. He also has parts for the repair ship Uss Luzon. I think both were based on
Liberty hulls. I don't know if he goes by another business name and started casting resin or its coincidence so my guess is Mystery ship #1, 1/700, USS Luzon ARG
2, DiStefan 3D, Mystery ship#2, 1/700 US Army Hospital ship Wisteria, DiStefan 3D
" Bob was right for the Wisteria and 1:700 scale but wrong for manufacturer
since this model is by
Loose Cannon East.