Here is New York City's own USS Intrepid CVS-11. Kostas Katseas supplemented and modified the white metal model of the USS Intrepid in 1:1250
scale from the German firm of Argos Models. The model is enhanced with some rigging and railing and 3D printed air wing.
Intrepid was designated
CVS-11 (antisubmarine aircraft carrier) on December 8, 1961. However, after serving in this capacity, as well as recovery ship for NASA Mercury
and Gemini missions, the
Fighting I went back to war. Intrepid was the last ship to undergo the Fleet Rehabilitation and Modernization (FRAM) at the
New York Naval Yard in Brooklyn. After shakedown cruises and training she deployed to combat off the coast of Vietnam. Carrying Air Wing 10, the
Intrepid saw three combat tours in the Vietnam War from April 1966 to February 1969. This model of the Intrepid is clearly depicting the aircraft
flown from
Intrepid off of Vietnam with A1 Skyraiders, A4 Skyhawks, and F8 Crusaders.