Dragon has produced two different fits for the German battleship Scharnhorst in 1:350 scale. With this large scale, you may consider fitting a wooden deck over the
Dragon plastic decks. ArtwoxModel has the solution with a wooden deck set produced specifically for the Dragon Scharnhorst. This set is designed for Dragon kit
1040, which is the 1943 fit at the time of the loss of the
Scharnhorst. This set is the original set for the kit, numbered 10001. The 10001 Artwox set has 18 decks
and platforms plus metal chain for the anchor chain. The quality of the decks is excellent,with butt end detail and its own semi-weathered look.
Artwox has
redesigned the
Scharnhorst deck, again for the 1943 Scharnhorst, with the number 10083. Click on the link to see the new Artwox 10083 deck fitted to the Dragon
Scharnhorst kit. Click on this link to see the earlier Artwox 10001 deck fitted to the Dragon Scharnhorst kit.

All of the sets of
ArtwoxModel wooden decking are designed as a sandwich with the wooden decks at the top, adhesive in the middle and thin transparent sheet at
the bottom, which is removed when the particular deck is ready for attachment with the plastic part. Unless you are hand painting all of the cast fittings, which will
extend through the cut-outs from the plastic deck through the wooden deck, it appears best to paint the plastic before attaching the deck. I have had to use a Xacto
knife to score the
Artwox decks from the underside and then remove and used the scissors to clean up any protective film remnants. It is easy to do but it does take
time. Always test fit the deck first, before removing the cover and attaching to the deck.
Steve Backer