Have you been wanting to try out a wooden deck on a model but didn't want to start with a large 1:350 scale kit or didn't want to try a wooden deck set with
numbers of small deck parts in 1:700 scale? The answer would be an 1:700 scale deck without a series of small decks.
ArtwoxModel has a wooden deck set for
the Tamiya 1:700 scale
Yamato that answers these needs. Artwox deck AW 20002 is designed for the Tamiya kit 31113 has just three decks. There is the deck in
front of the breakwater, the large main deck running from behind the breakwater to the quarterdeck and a small rectangular deck on a fitting on the forecastle. Plus
you get anchor chain.
All of the sets of ArtwoxModel wooden decking are designed as a sandwich with the wooden decks at the top, adhesive in the middle and thin transparent sheet at
the bottom, which is removed when the particular deck is ready for attachment with the plastic part. Unless you are hand painting all of the cast fittings, which will
extend through the cut-outs from the plastic deck through the wooden deck, it appears best to paint the plastic before attaching the deck. Use a Xacto knife to
score the decks from the underside and then remove and used the scissors to clean up any protective film remnants. It is easy to do but it does take time. Using the
wooden decks is a trade off since the fittings coming through the wooden will be reduced in height by the width of the wooden sheet but the thickness of an
Artwox deck is only 0.21mm. Another benefit is that the Artwox decks receive a moisture resistant treatment to prevent warping after they are attached to the
model.. The question comes down to a simple choice, is the detail provided by the wooden deck more important than the slight loss of height of the fittings? A lot
depends on your skill in painting and detailing plastic decks on the kit parts. As with the instructions for other
ArtwoxModel decks, the instructions for the Tamiya
1:700 scale
Yamato are one back-printed glossy sheet with color photographs, which show the location of the decks.
ArtwoxModel Deck AW 20002 for the Tamiya Yamato kit 31113 in 1:700 scale is a very good choice to try out wooden decks on a model. You get to immerse
yourself in the detail of using a wooden deck, without having to fiddle with numerous small decks.
ArtwoxModel decks are available in the United States from Free
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Steve Backer