The Imperial Japanese battleship Mutsu is the forgotten battlewagon of the Japanese Navy during World War Two. She was always playing second fiddle to her
Nagato, which was Yamamoto's flagship at the start of the war. All the other battleships participated in significant operations at some point, even the
Harbor Queens,
Fuso and Yamashiro went down fighting. Perhaps it was because Mutsu was sunk in harbor by a magazine explosion in 1943, there is less interest
in her. Anyway, the Hasegawa 1:350 scale model of the
Mutsu has been out for a number of years and if you would like to dress up the old lady in a pretty kimono,
ArtwoxModel can fix her up in a fresh wooden deck. Artwox Deck AW 10024 provides wooden decks specifically designed for the Hasegawa kit. This set
provides 26 decks, platforms or wooden pieces to cover the unsightly plastic decks with real wood. There are three large decks with the forecastle, amidship shelter
deck quarterdeck. There are some smaller decks and platforms as well as wooden decks for the ship's powered launches and oared boats. The very fact that there
are some many wooden parts makes the easier to attach because none of the decks are very long to cause a significant threat of misalignment or warping.
All of the sets of ArtwoxModel wooden decking are designed as a sandwich with the wooden decks at the top, adhesive in the middle and thin transparent sheet at
the bottom, which is removed when the particular deck is ready for attachment with the plastic part. Unless you are hand painting all of the cast fittings, which will
extend through the cut-outs from the plastic deck through the wooden deck, it appears best to paint the plastic before attaching the deck. Use a Xacto knife to
score the decks from the underside and then remove and used the scissors to clean up any protective film remnants. It is easy to do but it does take time. Using the
wooden decks is a trade off since the fittings coming through the wooden will be reduced in height by the width of the wooden sheet but the thickness of an
deck is only 0.21mm. Another benefit is that the
Artwox decks receive a moisture resistant treatment to prevent warping after they are attached to the model.. The
question comes down to a simple choice, is the detail provided by the wooden deck more important than the slight loss of height of the fittings? A lot depends on
your skill in painting and detailing plastic decks on the kit parts. As with the instructions for other
ArtwoxModel decks, the instructions for the Hasegawa 1:350 scale
Mutsu are one back-printed glossy sheet with color photographs, which show the location of the various decks and platforms.
ArtwoxModel Set 10024 gives you all of the wooden decks and platforms that you need to breath new life into the Hasegawa model of the battleship, Mutsu, in
1:350 scale. Don;t let the old girl be forgotten.
Steve Backer