USS Yorktown CV-5 was the original. The lead ship of the iconic class of USN carriers that shattered the Samurai sword of Imperial Japanese Navy Mobile Strike Force.
If you have not done so already, read
Shattered Sword by Jonathan Parshall and Anthony Tully! Lexington died in her first battle and Saratoga always seemed to be in
drydock from torpedo strikes.
Ranger was deemed too light weight and vulnerable to be hazarded in the Pacific. The Wasp, was knocked off by a Japanese submarine
before encountering Japanese carriers and their elite air crews. The war winning
Essex class in their multitudes did not start arriving until 1943. Yorktown, Enterprise, and
Hornet were the keys in stopping the Japanese momentum. Hornet was famous for carrying Doolittle's B-25's for the attack of Tokyo in spring 1942 but her air crews
failed to score a hit at Midway.
Enterprise is the most remembered and beloved USN aircraft carrier of World War Two because she fought in so many campaigns and
survived. She had escorted
Hornet on the Doolittle raid but Midway was her first carrier battle. Of the three ships in the class at the Battle of Midway, Only USS
had combat experience fighting Japanese carriers at the Battle of Coral Sea. The dive bomber squadrons of Yorktown and Enterprise brought victory to the
United States at the Battle of Midway. She almost survived the tremendous damage that she took in the battle. It is pure conjecture, but if she had survived that battle and
the many that would have followed, would it be
Enterprise or Yorktown the most beloved of the carriers. Modelers have been waiting for a 1:350 scale model of USS
and USS Enterprise and Merit has produced kits of both ships. Artwox Model has produced wooden decks for the Merit USS Yorktown, which also works for
the Merit
USS Enterprise kit, as the Yorktown and Enterprise flight decks are identical.
If you have not seen or used an Artwox Model wooden deck before, the decks are incredibly thin, which is want you want, as they fit atop the plastic deck of the
model. The decks have a sandwich construction with the wooden deck at the top, film protection at the bottom, and adhesive in between. It is a simple matter of
removing the film and carefully attaching the wooden deck on top of the plastic version. What you get in return for your effort is a new level of detail in the deck. It
looks like wood because it is wood. Individual planks will different tones, instead of having the monotonous monotone of a painted deck and when t comes to an 1:350
scale aircraft carrier, there is a lot of deck.
Artwox set 10125 for the Merit 1:350 scale USS Yorktown CV-5 has three major parts, forward, amidships and aft flight
decks. There are cutouts for the superstructure, gun positions and locater holes for items from the kit, as it is designed specifically for the Merit
Yorktown, although it
does work for Merit
Enterprise as well. Elevator decks can be cut out in case the modeler wishes to have any of the elevators lowered. Also included by Artwox is
anchor chain.
The Artwox Model wooden deck set for the USS Yorktown CV-5 1:350 scale kit by Merit is a fine product, which will add character and dimension to the plastic kit.
The deck set is available from
Free Time Hobbies.
Steve Backer