The Royal Navy’s Mod 0 4.5-Inch Mark 8 gun was designed by the Royal Armament Research and Development Corporation. The gun was based on the Royal Army's
Abbot 10.5 cm (4.1") howitzer. One of the Royal Navy’s requirements was that the Mark 8 be able to fire 90 rounds in 7.5 minutes. The first prototype was built in
1966 and the first mount was installed on the Iranian frigate
Zaal in March 1971. The first Royal Navy ship fitted with the Mark 8 was the Type 82 destroyer HMS
. During the Falklands War, the Mark 8 guns on the Type 21 frigates proved to be less reliable than the older 4.5" guns on the Type 12 frigates. HMS Arrow and
HMS Avenger were forced to cease fire on multiple occasions due to faults. The Mod 0 gun mounting was designed by Vickers and is unmanned and constructed of
fiberglass to reduce weight. The latest 4.5" mounting, the Mark 8 Mod 1, is housed in a boxier-looking mounting that is designed to reduce the radar cross section.

Some of the parts in
Atlantic Models kits are done in white metal. The problem with the material is that white metal is malleable and parts like gun barrels can be easily
bent and hard to put back into shape. Well
Peter Hall has decided to partner with Master Models to produce turned brass versions of the 4.5-inch Mk 8 barrel. The
turned brass barrel is much sturdier and more refined and in scale than its white metal cousin. Two barrels are included in the bag, which will allow you to upgrade two
model kits that are fitted with this gun. A small but well-done instruction sheet is provided. You will need to remove the white metal barrel from the circular base and
then drill a small opening to accept the pintle at the base of the barrel.
The turned brass 4.5-inch Mark 8 barrels from Atlantic Models are a most welcome improvement to the kit supplied white metal part and are highly recommended.
My Type 21 and Type 42 kits will benefit greatly from this new accessory from
Peter Hall.
Felix Bustelo