A common criticism of Combrig kits has been the lack of railings on the photo-etch brass. More recently, Combrig has stated to include railings but they have
individual stanchion ends instead a bottom rail, which makes them harder to work with for some modelers, including myself.  To address the lack of railings or a
personal preference,
Atlantic Models released their Pre-Dreadnought Style Railings set in 1:350 scale.

The set provides three different styles of railings:
Six lengths of 2-bar railing with narrower spacing between stanchions for use on main decks as well as superstructure decks and platforms;
Five lengths of 2-bar railing with wider spacing between stanchions for use on main decks;
Four lengths of 2-bar drooped chain link railings for general use.

Each length of railing measures 7.5", which equates to 218.75 scale feet per section of railing. The photo-etch is very clean and fine, which is expected from any
Peter Hall designed set.
This set from Atlantic Models is what you should get when a review of a 1:350 scale pre-dreadnought kit from Combrig or another label mentions that the modeler
will have to look to an after-market source for railings. A similar set is also available in 1:700 scale. This set provides enough railings for one to three models, depending
on the size of the kit and is highly recommended.
Felix Bustelo