Mad Pete” already has an impressive résumé: kit entrepreneur, model pattern maker, photo-etch designer, professional model builder and all around nice guy. Now Mr.
Hall can add decal creator to that long list. The 1:350 scale kits of Royal Navy destroyers and some smaller escort vessels released by
White Ensign Models, and now
getting a second life thanks to
Atlantic Models, sadly lacked decals for the pennant numbers. A Royal Navy destroyer or escort without a proper pennant number just
doesn’t look right. Now, coming from his laboratory in County Durham, England (you know every mad scientist has a laboratory) is the long awaited solution to this
dilemma – the Numbers & Letters for WW2 RN Destroyers & Escorts decal sheet.

The decal sheet provides the letters and digits needed to form pennant numbers for all classes of destroyers and smaller escort vessels, like escort destroyers, sloops
and corvettes, serving  in either the Royal Navy  or in a commonwealth navy. The sheet provides letters and numbers in four colors: black, white, light gray and dark
gray. Within each color, the letter and numbers come in two sizes: for the hull sides and for the stern. There are enough digits to place pennants with repeated numbers
(for example H77 or F383) on each side of the hull. Some ships had two-tone pennants, usually a mix of dark and light gray, to be visible on dark and light gray
camouflage schemes. To create this effect, you can cut the dark and light decals as needed and apply them to the hull. A bonus provided with this sheet is draft
markings in black and white and black funnel bands in two widths, which is a nice touch. Each letter and numeral is an individual decal, which eliminates the need to
cut and trim excess clear film for each decal out, which is a tremendous time saver. You will have to trim the funnel bands to the appropriate length for your kit.
This decal set from Atlantic Models is most welcome and addresses a long-standing need for modelers of Royal Navy destroyers and smaller combatants. This decal
sheet will give you plenty of options to dress up an otherwise naked vessel no matter who is the kit producer and is highly recommended. My thanks to “
Mad Pete
for the review sample.
Felix Bustelo