In most countries, modelers of a certain age have strong memories of the plastic model kit manufacturer that brought them into building plastic models. In the years
before the multitudes of companies that produce kits now, there were only a handful of manufacturers. In the USA it was Revell and Aurora, in France it was Heller
but in the United Kingdom it was Airfix. I still remember when Airfix kits became available in America. They were a delightful revelation. The
HMS Hood in the Airfix
constant scale of 1:600 was always my favorite. Sure, Aurora used 1:600 scale their ship kits but when was the last time you opened an Aurora box. The Long Island
company is long gone. (
Is it just a coincidence that the former headquarters of Aurora in West Hempstead, Nassau County, New York is only a few miles from the lair
of Felix Bustelo?
) Now stalwart of the British Empire, Peter Hall, brings us delightful accessories for the Airfix models of Royal Navy warships in 1:600 scale. One
such accessory is a fret of
Royal Navy Watertight Doors and Hatches, set ATEM 60006. This set is absolutely scrumptious with 23 different pattern doors,
hatches and covers, every on of which has beautiful relief-etching. Some are closed and some are open and the door can be bent in the angle desired with the open
frame. Waffle patterns, hinges, handles, dogs, all of the relief-etched detailed has stood to with this wonderful fret. Of course you are nit restricted to use them on
Airfix kits, you may certainly give them a whirl on the Aurora
King George V, which is said to be in 1:600 scale but to be charitable to the Aurora kit, the Airfix King
George V
is far superior.
Steve Backer