There are a lot of potential hazards on a warship such gun turrets swinging around and areas were high voltage is used. To keep crew members safe from injury,
these potential hazards are identified with warning circles or signs. If these are used on an actual ship, then it would only make sense to also have them on a scale
replica of that ship. The Royal Navy Deck Warning Circles & Placards Decal Set from
Atlantic Models provides the modeler with they need to detail a 1:350 scale
modern Royal Navy model.

The decal set includes red, yellow and black/yellow dashed warning circles to apply to the decks around trainable weapons and directors. The warning circles come
in a variety of sizes and for most, two of each size are included. The largest warning circles will need to be cut down to fit properly on the foc’sle deck. The decal
sheet also has several types of warning signs to apply to the sides of various mountings and HF antenna. The signs are also an assortment of early and late cold war
era styles, with either red lettering on a white background or black lettering on a yellow background.

The sheet has the following signs in several sizes.

DANGER Turret May Train Without Warning in red/white and black/yellow
DANGER Mounting May Train Without Warning in black/yellow
DANGER Flashdoor May Open Without Warning in black/yellow
DANGER Launcher May Move Without Warning in black/yellow
Triangular High Voltage sign in black/yellow

The resolution of the decals is excellent as the lettering, except for the high voltage signs, can be made out. The high voltage signs were a tad too small for clear
lettering but the bolt symbol can be made out so you know what the sign means. There is no guide provided, so the modeler will have to research photographs to see
what circles and signs were used and where to place them.
It is quite clear that this decal set is meant to be used with the Royal Navy kits being produced by Atlantic Models, which makes sense. The painting guide in the kit
instructions show the style and placement of the warning circles, which helps. However, scratch-builders would also benefit from this sheet. Now you can keep
your scale model Royal Navy crew safe from injury but using the decal set and super detailers should be delighted with this sheet as well.
Felix Bustelo
New York