Transport, Merchant Ship & Auxiliary Reviews

LCT(6), Black Cat Models 1:350 Scale, Review by Felix Bustelo - Black Cat Models LCT(6) kit is a very detailed and fairly easy model to build model and a
perfect companion to its LCT(5). Although it is technically The  a full-hull model, with its shallow draft it would not be too difficult to display it in a waterline
setting. This model just screams to be placed in a diorama or vignette but it will look good however you wish to display it. This is fine little kit of an important
craft used during World War II and it is highly recommended.
LCT(5), Black Cat Models 1:350 Scale, Review by Felix Bustelo - The Black Cat Models LCT(5) kit is a very detailed and fairly easy model to build model.
Although it is technically a full-hull model, with its shallow draft it would not be too difficult to display it in a waterline setting. This model just screams to be
placed in a diorama or vignette but it will look good however you wish to display it. This is fine little kit of an important craft used during World War II and it is
highly recommended.
USS Comstock LSD-19, Blue Ridge Models 1:700 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - If you have an interest in amphibious operations, the Blue Ridge Models
USS Comstock
LSD-19 in 1:700 scale is an outstanding kit with resin, brass photo-etch, turned brass and decal sheet for a true multimedia presentation. With the
kit the modeler cane build any of the ships of the
Ashland and Casa Grande Classes, the first two classes of the Landing Ship Dock for the United States Navy.
Motor Torpedo Boat Tender (AGP), Corsair Armada 1:700 Scale, Review by Rob Weilacher - Rob Weilacher says that, even without instructions, the Corsair
Armada 1:700 scale kit of an AGP went together really nicely and he was very pleased with the outcome.  The kit will be great in a small diorama with the extra
utility boats, torpedoes and cart, and a nice set of
White Ensign Models or Loose Cannon PT Boats.
Kosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, Soviet Space Event Support Ship, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - The Combrig Kosmonaut Yuri Gagarin is a truly
unique model. It is the most ambitious and challenging kit yet produced by
Combrig. With the high quantity of resin and brass parts provided and the complexity
of the various space communication arrays, the kit is certainly not for beginners. It will be a challenging build for even advanced modelers but the promise is
there. On completion the modeler will have a truly unique show stopper.
Simla, Steam Tugboat, PetrOs Modellbau 1:350 Scale, Review by Felix Bustelo - This is a fine little kit and will look great in a diorama scene or as a standalone
model, How far 3D printing has come is astonishing and the
Simla model is an excellent example of what can be done with this method of production, If you
want to give a 3d printed model a try, this is a very good kit to get into it.
USS Harpers Ferry LSD-49, Landing Ship Dock, Orange Hobby 1:350 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - You don’t have to be a graduate of the University of
Florida to be a Gators fan. Every modeler who craves the warships of the amphibious navy will love this kit, if you are up to it. This is a complex kit with
hundreds of parts. It is not for the beginner but
Orange Hobby has produced a superb product.
HMS Algerine, Royal Navy Minesweeper, Starling Models 1:350 Scale, Review by Felix Bustelo - The Algerine kit is an excellent first 1:350 scale kit from
Starling Models, which offers lots of details in what appears to be a relatively easy build. For modelers that prefer 1:700 scale, there is an
Algerine kit in that scale.
USNS Victorious Class, Ocean Surveillance Ship, Dodo Models 1:700 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - Dodo Models presents an elaborate kit for an unique
ship, the Ocean Surveillance Ship
USNS Victorious or any of  her three sisters. With twin hull catamaran style hulls, the ship is almost as wide as it is long. The
1:700 scale kit can be built in waterline or full hull format and provides a host of resin and brass photo-etch parts. The
Dodo Victorious offers an intriguing build
with a lot of photo-etch for the size of the hull.
Rus, Russian Ocean Going Tugboat 1904, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - The Combrig Rus tugboat in 1:700 scale presents an easy build of
the largest tugboat of her time, which was part of the Imperial Russian 2nd Pacific Squadron for the world cruise which ended for the
Rus and the rest of the
fleet at the Battle of Tsushima. It can also be painted as the German commercial tugboat
SS Roland in 1903.
Natick Class YTB, Large Tugboat, Orange Hobby 1:350 Scale, Review by Felix Bustelo - The Orange Hobby Natick Class kit will build into a very detailed
model of a US Navy YTB. The level of detail in the parts are clearly above-par. My only complaint is that a waterline option is not provided for modelers wishing
to add a tug to a harbor diorama or some other vignette.
Dhow, L'Arsenal 1:450 Scale, Review by Felix Bustelo - The Dhow accessory set in 1:350 scale from L'Arsenal will add some “local” flavor to your vignette of
a navy ship visiting a Persian Gulf port and it is a simple model to build.
British Landing Craft Assault (LCA), L'Arsenal 1:350 Scale, Review by Felix Bustelo - Overall the L'Arsenal LCA in 1:350 scale is a good accessory set and
will compliment
L’Arsenal’s Mulberry Harbor items or can be used in a beach landing vignette.
Imperial Japanese Navy Type V, SSN Modellbau 1:350 Scale, Review by Felix Bustelo - The SSN Modellbau Imperial Japanese Navy Fuel Barge Type V kit
would make a good addition to an IJN harbor scene or perhaps a refueling vignette. It is the kind of accessory that is often overlooked but in the end could be that
missing piece of the puzzle.
HMS Ascot, Racecourse Class Minesweeper 1917, AJM Models 1:350 Scale, Review by Felix Bustelo - The HMS Ascot kit is an impressive and promising debut
from AJM Models.
Felix Bustelo really like the unusual subject and it looks like this kit will build into a detailed model of a ship in this class. A modernized World
War II version, sold as
HMS Queen of Thanet, is also available, as well as 1/700 scale versions of both versions. Based on what Felix sees with the HMS Ascot,
he is really looking forward to what else will be produced by AJM Models.
SS Clearpool, British Tramp Steamer, Loose Cannon Models 1:700 Scale, Review by Felix Bustelo - The SS Clearpool in 1:700 scale is a fair kit that is a tad
under-whelming in my opinion when compared to some of the other offerings I have seen from
Loose Cannon. I would categorize this kit a basic offering that
will need some extra effort to build into a more detailed model. How much you wish to put into it is up to you, but you do have a good basis with which to work.
HMDS Absalon L16 Danish Combat Support Ship, NNT Modell 1:700 Scale, Build Review by Ayala Botto - Produced by NNT Modell, the HDMS Absalon
L16 Combat Support Ship is on the top list of the best 1/700 scale resin kits
Ayala Botto has built so far! The kit includes a small photo etch fret as well as a set
of two decal sheets, giving the modeller a choice to build the second ship of this class,
HDMS Esbern Snare (L17).
Landing Craft Personnel LCP(L) & LCP(R), SSN Modellbau, Review by Felix Bustelo - The SSN Modellbau 1:350 scale kits of the Landing Craft Personnel
LCP(L) and LCP(R) kits can be built full-hull and displayed as such or since they have very shallow draught, can easily be used in a diorama setting without
affixing the running gear parts.
Amur, High Speed Minelayer 1901, Imperial Russian Navy, Combrig 1:350 Scale, Review by Felix Bustelo - The Amur is another good release from Combrig
though there are some issues. It is good to see another ship from the ill-fated Imperial Russian Navy and one that was very handsome.
Yakhont, Project 1265 Russian Minesweeper, Combrig 1:350 & 1:700 Scales, Review by Felix Bustelo - Whatever your scale preference is, you will not go
wrong with either version of the
Combrig Yakhont Project 1265 Russian Minesweeper. If you are into modern Soviet/Russian ships, you will need a Yakhont in
your fleet to keep your naval base clear of mines.  
SS Isaac M Scott, Great Lakes Ore Carrier, Loose Cannon Models 1:700 Scale, Review by Felix Bustelo - Overall the SS Isaac M Scott from Loose Cannon
in 1:700 scale is a good kit that needs a bit of work to build, but in the end you should have a nice model of a historic vessel.  
Hermes, German Rescue Tugboat, SSN Modellbau 1:350 Scale, Review by Felix Bustelo - Felix Bustelo was very pleased with the model and found it to be a
joy to build. Felix really liked the subject matter and it makes a colorful addition to my model fleet. He is also impressed with how much SSN Modellbau has
evolved in terms of their product offerings. Their first kit, the TID tug, was good but naturally very simple given the subject. The
Hermes is a relatively more
complex and larger kit and while it is a modest leap between the two, it shows that SSN is progressively gaining experience and, as a result, producing better kits.
HDMS Absalon L16, Danish Multi-Purpose Command and Support Ship, NNT 1:700 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - Lord, Save us from the wrath of the
That was the prayer of Irish Monks with the appearance of Viking longships in the 10th Century. In 21st Century, that same chant would be appropriate
for the pirates in the Indian Ocean and Gulf of Aden as the
HDMS Absalon of the Royal Danish Navy has been very successful in her anti-piracy operations off
of the coast of Somalia.
NNT has now produced a multi-media 1:700 scale model of the scourge of the pirates and largest warship in the modern Danish Navy.
The model has excellent production qualities and is only marred by inadequate instructions.
YMS 419, Yard Minesweeper 1945, Niko Model 1:350 Scale, Review by Felix Bustelo - The YMS 419, Yard Minesweeper 1945 appears to be another good and
accurate kit from
Niko Model. This could have been even better had the errors and omissions Felix Bustelo pointed out had not been made. These issues are
certainly not deal breakers but expect some more diligence on
Niko Model’s part in future releases to prevent this from happening again.
Russian Floating Pier, Combrig 1:350 Scale, Review by Felix Bustelo - This little set of a Russian Floating Pier by Combrig in 1:350 scale has a lot of potential
uses in a variety of scenarios.  It can be used in conjunction with
Combrig’s Soviet/Russian harbor craft set and other modern Soviet/Russian ships.
Modern Russian Harbor Craft, Combrig 1:350 Scale, Review by Felix Bustelo - This little set has a lot of potential uses. Felix Bustelo can see the Combrig
Modern Russian Harbor Craft set used in a variety of scenarios with any of the plastic or resin modern Russian/Soviet warships and submarines available in 1/350
Rowangarth, British Tugboat, Orange Hobby 1:350 Scale, Review by Felix Bustelo - In Felix Bustelo's opinion, the Orange Hobby 1:350 scale Rowangarth is
meant to be part of diorama. However, despite his quibbles this little kit will build into such a well detailed model of a modern working tug that it would also look
fine by itself without a larger subject distracting the eye from this little gem. Whatever your plans this kit is worthwhile getting and is a relative bargain for the
USCG 311-Foot Cutter, Conversion Set, Back-Aft Models 1:350 Scale, Review by Felix Bustelo - The Back-Aft Models USCG 311' Cutter 1960s PLUS 1/350
Conversion Set is not a complete model kit. You will need to obtain other resin or plastic parts, such as the 5” gun turret and ship boats, from other sources.
SS Louie Roose, Thames Collier, Loose Cannon Models 1:700 Scale, Review by Felix Bustelo - This was Felix Bustelo's first experience with building a
Loose Cannon kit and he was quite pleased with the Loose Cannon Louir Rose in 1:700 Scale. It was a simple build that turned in a good looking and fairly
detailed model. Felix can honestly say that he is now hooked on
Loose Cannon kits and he is looking forward to his next merchant ship build.
Chinese Junks, SSN Modellbau 1:350 Scale, Review by Felix Bustelo - This set will make a great addition for a Far East or China Station diorama – pictures of
warship form really any time period that have served in Asian waters will undoubtedly have indigenous watercraft in the background. Now you can add a touch of
local flavor to a modeling scene without too much trouble or expense.
USS Patoka AO-09, Airship Tender, Loose Cannon Models 1:700 Scale, Review by Felix Bustelo - Overall, I think this is a very good and
complex kit of a very unique ship in the U.S. Navy. You are certainly going to see a kit of the
Patoka in any fit or scale from any of the plastic kit
producers. Due to the complex assembly of the photo-etch mooring mast, I would recommend this kit to experienced modelers but I do recommend this
model to anyone wishing to build an obscure ship from era of significant experimentation.
TID Class British Tugboat, SSN Modellbau 1:350 Scale, Build Review by Felix Bustelo - Overall the SSN Modellbau 1:350 scale TID Class tugboat is a fun little
kit that with some added detail parts will build into a fine model of a working tug. You can build it as a
TID tug in Admiralty service or as a post-war tug in civilian
TID tugs were modified over time while in private service, with shorter and wider funnels and modernized pilothouses, so there are plenty of conversion
USCG Tender Sumac, Battlefleet Models 1:700 Scale, Review by Felix Bustelo - Battlefleet Models has made a name for itself with its line of auxiliary and
merchant ship kits in 1/700 scale and the
Sumac fits right into this focus.   To navigate the shallow waters of the rivers she served, the Sumac is essentially a
barge with a superstructure and funnels.   
USN Floating Crane YD-33, Lion Roar 1:700 Scale - The Lion Roar 1:700 Scale model of YD33 allows the diorama builder an outstanding opportunity to
portray a warship at a yard undergoing repairs or a refit. With this impressive floating crane nestled alongside, it would be a standout presentation.
SS Pocahontas Seam, Liberty Type Collier 1948, Loose Cannon Models 1:700 Scale - SS Pocahontas Seam by Loose Cannon Models in 1:700 scale,
presents a unique opportunity for the modeler. The kit comes with resin and photo-etch parts to build this Liberty Ship based collier design in different guises,
flying the US , Yugoslav or Bulgarian flags with different name plates and funnel markings.
USS Coronado LCS-4 Littoral Combat Ship, Cyber-Hobby/Dragon 1:700 Scale - The CyberHobby/Dragon 1:700 scale kit of USS Coronado LCS-4 is not just
a replay of their
USS Independence LCS-2 kit. Yes, most of the parts are identical with those provided in the Independence kit, but also there are three new
plastic sprues and a second photo-etch fret that provide detailed miniature models of new equipment such as the MH-53E heavy helicopter, MQ-8 drone helicopter
and MK-105 aerially towed anti-mine sled.  
World War Two, USN Barges Set Two, YC293 & YC755, Lion Roar 1:700 Scale, Set R7005 - Lion Roar Barge Set Two, Set R7005 provides the modeler with
accommodation barges for dioramas but in two decidedly different configurations.
YC-293 appears as a dwelling with a long series of standard building windows.
YF-755 still has the appearance of a cargo barge, even though it was used at Ulithi for berthing. Either way Lion Roar provides excellent resin and
stainless steel relief-etched photo-etch.   
Acharné, French Coastal Tugboat, L'Arsenal 1:400 Scale, Build-Review by Felix Bustelo - L’Arsenal’s roots lie in producing Marine Nationale 1/400 scale kits
and accessories and they continue produce kits for that niche market.  The latest kit in the 1/400 scale line is the coastal tugboat
Acharné with a build review by
Felix Bustelo.  
World War Two USN Barges Set One, YF390 & YF959, Lion Roar 1:700 Scale, Set R7004 - Lion Roar has produced three sets of the homely but essential
barges in 1:700 scale. The barge bunnies will love these, however these little gems are just perfect for yard or port dioramas hitched up to a more glamorous
warship. The photographs shown here are for World War II USN Barges 1, Set R7004, which includes
YF-390 and YF959.
SS Wentworth III, British Tramp Steamer 1918, Battlefleet Models 1:700 Scale - If an ugly duckling tramp from RDuckCo is your hunger, Battlefleet Models
has your meal with their 1:700 scale model of
SS Wentworth III 1918 multimedia British Tramp Steamer. Nothing fancy, the model is a good, solid model of a
working slow speed cargo ship.  
USS Independence LCS-2 Littoral Combat Ship 2010, Cyber-Hobby/Dragon 1:700 Scale - Is it a Klingon Bird of Prey or a Federation Starship? The bridge of
USS Independence LCS-2 has side by side positions for the OOD and Junior OOD. When asked why he likes to sit right behind these positions, the current
captain of this futuristic ship said, “It’s because of Captain Kirk, of course!”
Dragon has produced an excellent plastic and brass 1:700 scale model of this brand
new ship that provides a lot of options for the modeler.   
HMS Endurance, Modern Ice Patrol Ship, MT Miniatures 1:700 Scale - The MT Miniatures HMS Endurance, modern ice patrol vessel in 1:700 scale is a tale
of two models. Not only can the modeler get a kit to be assembled and painted, as with other producers, but also the model is available fully assembled and painted
with numbering and flight deck patterns.
Fort Drum 1941, Concrete Battleship of Manila Bay, OKB Grigorov/Retrokit 1:700 Scale, Review by Peter Fulgoney -  The OKB Grigorov/Retrokit 1:700 scale
Fort Drum represents a purpose made concrete “fort”, built on an island off Manila Bay to protect the harbour entrance. The kit represents the fort in 1941, and
includes the main armament of 2 sets of 14-inch guns together with a cage mast and platform. Review by
Peter Fulgoney.  
Cunard Atlantic Conveyor 1982, Container Ship/Auxilliary Aircraft Carrier, NNT 1:700 Scale - The Cunard Atlantic Conveyor is the largest NNT effort to date.
This ship was a key component of the Royal Navy strike force for the seizure of the Falkland Islands and her loss to an Argentine Exocet was one of the most
severe blows suffered by the British in the campaign.
NNT has produced a superb 1:700 scale Atlantic Conveyor with resin and photo-etch parts, full detail sheet
and more aircraft on deck than either of the two British Aircraft Carriers.  
SS Californian 1902, British Cargo Steamer, Loose Cannon Models 1:700 Scale - Don’t be a Stanley Lord, asleep at the switch when destiny comes-a-calling.
When you see those white distress rockets, thanks to
Loose Cannon’s 1:700 scale SS Californian, you can steam your pink funneled pride to save Leonardo
DiCaprio and more importantly rescue lovely Kate Winslet from the icy fingers of the North Atlantic .  
Deutschland Type 440 German School Ship 1965, NNT 1:700 Scale - The Bundesmarine Deutschland Type 440 was a historic ship. For more than a quarter of
a century thousands of officers of the third German national navy learned their art through instruction received aboard this first German built warship constructed
after World War Two. The
NNT Deutschland in 1:700 scale is an excellent replica in resin and metal of this historic vessel.  
USS Kilauea Class AE, Ammunition Replenishment Ship, Ships & Company 1:700 Scale - Ships & Company presents another well done 1:700 scale modern
USN ship in the form of the last of the purpose built ammunition ships, the
Kilauea class AE. Now you can join Dave Baker in building the Mount Baker, or any
of the other seven ships in the class in resin and photo-etch. However, the instructions need improvement.
Shughart, Large Medium Speed Vehicle Transport (RoRo), Ships& Company 1:700 Scale - Ships & Company has produced a large and very interesting kit of
a modern US RoRo in 1:700 scale with the
Shughart. Although minor clean up is required, the parts are uniformly well cast. However, the overall presentation is
marred by incomplete instructions.  
Hakata PL-05 High Endurance Cutter, Japan Coast Guard, Skywave 1:700 Scale - All Coasties will love the Skywave Hakata. This modern design has a
dramatic bow sheer and the white and blue Japan Coast Guard paint scheme makes an interesting supplement to the white and orange-red USCG scheme.  
Motozatteres Series 1, Italian Motor Barges, Regia Marina 1:700 Scale - Now you too can be a Mr. Moto with the Regia Marina Motozatteres Series 1 in 1:700
scale. One box gives you a feisty fleet of motorized barges to launch an armored assault to freeze the French and blast the British.  
USS Cimarron, Modern USN Replenishment Ship, JAG 1:700 Scale - JAG is the best-known producer of modern warship and auxiliary designs. The JAG
USS Cimarron
is another in their line of extraordinary multimedia kits in 1:700 scale. The JAG Cimarron does not disappoint in that it provides superb parts for a
first class reproduction of this replenishment ship.  
USS Pawnee, Fleet Ocean Tug 1944, Loose Cannon 1:700 Scale - Dave Angelo might be roasting on the beach at Jacksonville, Florida, but his 1:700 scale
model of the USN fleet tug
USS Pawnee is cool! Although small, the Loose Cannon Pawnee provides a wealth of resin and brass detail. Although the model will
build into a beautiful stand alone miniature, with its late war fit, it shouts to be part of a diorama along with a model of
USS Houston.  
HMT Stormking, Royal Navy Fleet Tug, Loose Cannon Models 1:700 Scale - One of the major strengths of Loose Cannon Models is their consistency in
producing the odd, the unusual, the overlooked. While other companies produce the sleek warships that are the "
Beautiful People" of the oceans, Loose Cannon
produces the blue collar working ships. They are overlooked, they are unsung, they are the very necessary "
Joe Six-Packs" of the steam navies of the world.
Loose Cannon has produced another quirky little auxiliary with their 1:700 HMT Stormking.  
MSC-60 or Acacia Class French Minesweeper 1955, L'Arsenal 1:400 Scale - L'Arsenal has produced another excellent kit. Although a minesweeper is not a
large ship, in 1:400 scale the
L'Arsenal MSC-60 or Acacia class is large enough to sink your teeth into in detail, which is amply provided by L'Arsenal. Whether
you are a grognard or novice, this kit provides a very good combination of detail, coupled with comparative ease of assembly.
Communication Cutter Project 357, Soviet Union 1953, Combrig 1:700 Scale - The eighteen communication cutters of Project 357 were designed to provide
extended communication range to transmit orders to units of the Soviet fleet.
Combrig is always bringing new and exotic topics to the 1:700 scale modeler and
Project 357 communication vessel surely ranks as an exotic topic.
British Harbor Set 1890-1918, Combrig 1:700 Scale - Combrig has produced a unique set centered around the tug Ioann Kronshtadsky. As if this historic vessel
was not enough because of its small size,
Combrig has included 52 launches, boats and rafts to further enhance the appeal of this product for the modeler.
Mashu AOE-425, JMSDF Fast Combat Support Ship, FleetNet 1:700 Scale - FleetNet has produced a large resin model of excellent quality of the large Fast
Combat Support Ship
Mashu AOE-425 in 1:700 scale. The resin casting is top drawer with no casting defects and includes not only outstanding smaller resin
parts but also a sprue of injected plastic parts. The concise instructions in English and colorful decal sheet add further luster to this model. Although no photo-etch
is included, it appears that only generic items such as railing would be required to further detail the
FleetNet Mashu.
Nickolai Filchenkov, Project 1171 Tapir Class Type IV BDK 1976, NATO Code Name Alligator LST, Combrig 1:700 Scale - The 1:700 scale  Combrig
Nickolai Filchenkov
presents the opportunity to own the Russian Gunfire Gators. This is the 14th and last of the Project 1171 BDKs, NATO code name Alligator.
Only two of the class were built to this Type IV standard. The model features a forward superstructure with 140mm rocket launcher on the top deck and an
extended superstructure aft. Now only will you get the rocket launcher introduced with the Type III variant and the twin 57mm mount found on the original Type
I variant, but also you get two twin 25mm gun positions, which were only found on the Type IV variant. What more could a growing Gator want?
Voronezhsky Komsomolets, Project 1171 Tapir Class Type I BDK, NATO Code Name Alligator LST, Combrig 1:700 Scale - The Russian Gators are coming.
If you are a "Gator" enthusiast you will have to get the Russian Alligator class LSTs. The design is a mixture of the blunt-bowed WW2 design with clamshell
doors on the cutwater and modern streamlined superstructure. The
Voronezhsky Komsomolets is the first of the ships of the Project 1171 Tapir class BDKs and
reflects the Type I variant, identifiable with two cranes forward, one crane aft, lack of superstructure forward and smaller aft superstructure.
USS Liddle APD-60, Fast Transport 1944, Niko Model 1:700 Scale -  The Niko Model USS Liddle presents a very interesting and unique model. Because of
their mission, the 50
Buckley class destroyer escort APD conversions had a very high and distinctive profile. With the high quality hull casting and accompanying
smaller resin parts, coupled with a large brass photo-etch fret with extensive relief-etching, the Niko
Liddle is a standout kit.
Landing Ship Medium Rocket LSM(R)-188 to 195, Loose Cannon 1:700 Scale - In September 1944 USN designers applied rocket mounts to the Landing Ship,
Medium (LSM) and in October the Pacific Fleet asked for twelve of the rocket ships. This created the largest of the rocket equipped fire support ships to appear
in the war, the
Landing Ship, Medium, Rocket LSM(R). The first eight, LSM(R)-188 through 195, could fire 480 5-inch rockets in 30 seconds for area
saturation bombardment.
Loose Cannon has produced a 1:700 scale model of this king of rocket support ships of World War Two. Review by Steve Backer.
Liberty Ship, The Ugly Duckling, L’Arsenal 1:350 Scale – Able to carry its own displacement in cargo, the ungainly Liberty Ship was a crucial component to
victory for the allies in World War Two. The best, most detailed, and most accurate model available of this crucial ship is the 1:350 scale Liberty Ship produced
L’Arsenal. This article is a photographic review of this new kit.
Kormoran, Hilfskreuzer HSK-8 1941, NNT 1:700 Scale - At over 18,000-tons, the Kormoran HSK-8 was the largest and longest ranged Hilfskreuzer to enter
Kriegsmarine service. Launched in 1938 under the name
Steiermark for merchant service with the Hamburg-Amerika Line (HAPAG), the ship was taken over by
the German Navy and armed as an auxiliary cruiser for service in the role as a commerce raider. She had one cruise but that one lasted almost one year from
Germany to Western Australia. It ended in the pyric duel with
HMAS Sydney on November 19, 1941. NNT has produced the Kormoran in 1:700 scale. Review by
Steve Backer.
Grille, German Aviso-State Yacht 1935, Combrig 1:700 Scale – The Grille was the second ship of that name built for the German navy. Both were typed as
avisos, a specialty type that emphasized range and habitability and both served as the state yacht, the first for the Kaisers and the second for Adolf Hitler.
However, both also served as ships of war. One of the newest releases from
Combrig is this 1:700 scale resin and brass photo-etched model of the Grille of
World War Two. Review by Steve Backer.
Liberty Ship, Jeremiah O'Brien, 1:350 Scale from Trumpeter, Test Shots - After seeing the test shot photographs for the Trumpeter 1:350 scale USS Nimitz,
here are follow-up test shot photographs from Stevens International of the Trumpeter 1:350 scale Liberty Ship, "
Jeremiah O'Brien".  
Koreits Times Two: Imperial Russian Gunboat Box 261 1:350 Scale & Combrig 1:700 Scale - In an effort to counter the "Monitor Madness" of Felix Bustelo,
Jim Baumann inaugurates Gunboat Mania. Jim puts on the full court press with a double dip of Baumann Builds. He discloses a multitude of his arts and
techniques as he builds the
Box 261 Imperial Russian gunboat Koreits in 1:350 scale and the Combrig 1:700 scale kit of the same ship.
Krasin, Soviet Icebreaker 1922, Combrig 1:700 Scale - Most modelers have not heard of the Krasin but this 10,000 ton icebreaker is probably the most famous
of her type. Best known for rescuing the crew of the Italian airship,
Italia, after the airship crashed in flying over the North Pole in May 1928. The Krasin served
as an icebreaker in continuous use for over half a century and still exists as a museum ship in Saint Petersburg.
Combrig has produced a 1:700 scale kit of
Krasin, as she appeared in 1922. Review by Steve Backer.
USS Vireo AM-52, Minesweeper/Fleet Tug, Corsair Armada 1:700 Scale - The USS Vireo AM-52 should have been nominated for an Oscar for 1942, as Best
Supporting Actor in an Auxiliary Role. From coming to the aide of
USS California at Pearl Harbor, to serving as tender for USS Enterprise CV-6 and finally for
trying to tow the
USS Yorktown CV-5 to safety after the Battle of Midway, the game Vireo was always in the midst of history changing events. Corsair Armada
has produced an outstanding 1:700 scale model of
USS Vireo. Review by Steve Backer.
Lenin, Soviet Caspian Sea Gunboat 1942, Combrig 1:700 Scale - The use of the Caspian Sea was extremely important for the Soviet Union during World War
Two. Sea transport was used to move petroleum products from the Baku region northward. In 1940 the gunboat
Lenin (ex-Kars) received a major refit that made
her an AA ship. As one of the largest, if not the largest, naval units of the Caspian Flotilla, the
Lenin was crucial in protecting Soviet transports from German air
Combrig has produced an 1:700 scale model of the Lenin in 1942 at the height of the threat to the Soviet Union.
Kars, Imperial Russian Gunboat 1910, Combrig, 1:700 Scale - Laid down in 1908 three years after the end of the Russo-Japanese War, the Kars was advanced
for her time.
Kars and her sistership were the first surface warships in the world to use diesel propulsion. Transported to the Caspian Sea in 1911, the gunboat
was renamed
Lenin in 1920 and served in the Caspian Flotilla into the 1950s. Combrig has produced an 1:700 model of the Kars. Review by Steve Backer.
Koreits, Imperial Russian Gunboat 1904, Box 261, 1:350 Scale - The end of the 19th century was the height of the age of Imperialism. Every imperial power
worthy of its name had gunboats to show the flag. The
Koreits, laid down in 1885 was the second class of gunboats to be built for the Imperial Russian Navy.
Equipped with a very heavy gun armament and an enormous ram, the
Koreits earned a place in naval history out of all proportion to her small size and limited
mission. She fired the first shot of the Russo-Japanese War as well as being the first warship to be destroyed in the war.
Box 261 from Kiev, Ukraine has
produced an 1:350 scale one piece full hull multimedia model of the
Koreits. Review by Steve Backer.
Marti, 6,000 ton Soviet Mine Layer 1941 - In 1893 the Tsar Alexander III decided that he needed another large yacht and the Shtandart was laid down. The
yacht was used extensively by his son, Nicholas II, the last of the Romanovs. After the Bolshevik victory in the Russian Civil War, the purposes of a yacht ran
contrary to the political thought in the new Soviet state. Something practical had to be made of the 6,000 ton ship and what was more practical than a mine layer,
a plain working ship for the worker's state of the Soviet Union. The yacht was converted into the mine layer
Marti. Combrig has now produced a 1:700 scale
model of this unique vessel. Review by Steve Backer.
USS Sacramento, Modern Fleet Replenishment Ship - Does your carrier battle group need replenishment? JAG steams to the rescue with the USS Sacramento
in 1:700 scale.
Peter Van Buren has built this large model and tells you what he sees.
Admiral Gumanenko, Modern Russian Minehunter 1994 - In the 20th Century the Russian and Soviet Navies specialized in mine warfare. For the first time a
model of a modern Russian minehunter is available. The
Admiral Gumanenko is one of two ships in the class of larger size minehunter that has been released
Combrig in 1:700 scale.
Atlantic Conveyor, Container Ship - A true garage manufactured kit, the 1:700 scale resin model of the modern Container Ship, Atlantic Conveyor doesn't have
any bells and whistles but modern merchant ships are almost never produced. Peter Van Buren looks at this challenge to the modeler.
Towada, Modern JMSDF Oiler - Peter Van Buren reviews the Pitroad 1:700 scale model of the modern oiler of the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force, the
Yermak, Imperial Russian Icebreaker - Russia has over 6,000 miles (10,000 km) of ice-choked northern coast, facing the Arctic Ocean. The Yermak was a
8,400 ton vessel, that was the first to be purposely built as an icebreaker.
Yermak proved to be very successful in exploration and lifesaving missions. Combrig
now has a 1:700 scale kit of the first Russian icebreaker.
YMS-260 Yard Minesweeper - The small, mass produced Yard Minesweeper is the subject of the building of the YMS-260 from Iron Shipwright in 1:350 scale
Felix Bustelo.
Landing Craft Assault LCA - Mike Leonard looks at  the 1:72nd scale of the British Landing Craft Assault (LCA) from Armageddon.
USS Avocet, Seaplane Tender - In this diorama entitled Tending the Flock, Felix Bustelo used the Iron Shipwrights 1:350 kit of the seaplane tender, USS
, to portray sistership USS Gannet in a prewar scene. Felix reviews the kit and explains his build of the diorama.  
USS Anchorage, LSD-36 - Peter Van Buren's article and photographs on building the new 1:700 scale USS Anchorage by JAG.
USS Anchorage, LSD - The 1:700 scale model of this modern amphibian is one of the newest kits from JAG. In Box-Review from Peter Van Buren.
YMS-260 Yard Minesweeper, USN WWII - In-Box Review of the 1:350th scale full hull model of the second series 130 feet wooden hull, harbor minesweeper,
produced by
Iron Shipwright.
USS Newport, LST-1179, a Build Review by Peter Van Buren of the 1:700 Scale JAG model of this significant LST. Peter also contrasts the JAG kit with the
Modelwerks version of Newport.
HMS Ledbury - The In-Box review of this White Ensign Models 1:350 scale modern Royal Navy minehunter by Felix Bustelo.
USS Newport, LST-1179, 1:700 kit by Cascade Modelwerks - In-Box review by Steve Backer.
USS Katahdin, Armored Steam Ram - Ed Grune's Build-Up review of the Iron Shipwright 1:350 kit of America's last purpose built ram.
Tatekawa Maru, Japanese Fleet Oiler, 1944, 1:700 kit by H-P Models - In-Box review by Steve Backer.
Victoria, Italian Passenger Liner/ Troopship, 1:700 kit by Regia Marina -  Build-up review by Steve Backer.
1:700th scale Loose Cannon  Productions Victory Ship -  review by John Sheridan
1:700th scale Loose Cannon Productions AD-14 USS Dixie Destroyer Tender  - review by John Sheridan
1:700th scale Loose Cannon  Productions SS Lyons Creek Tanker - review by John Sheridan
In box review by Steve Backer of the Iron Shipwright 1:350 kit, USS Katahdin, Armored Steam Ram, the 1896 dead end of millennia of warship design, the
purpose built ram.
First Look at L'Arsenal's newest 1:350 kit, Tripartite Class Minehunter, a major class of vessel in modern mine warfare.
First Look at Regia Marina's newest 1:700 kit, The Motorship, Victoria, Liner & Troop Transport 1931-1942
WSW 1:700 Merchant Ship Set, Accessory #A 001, a tanker, freighter and two tugs in one kit. In-box review by Steve Backer.
Regia Marina 1:700 Minehunters of the Lerici, Gaeta and Osprey Classes, buildup review by Steve Backer
Regia Marina Poeti Motonavi, Italian Motorship Transport of World War Two - Regia Marina has produced an unusual model of this transport used during
World War Two. The kit includes armored and soft skin vehicles as deck cargo.
Regia Marina Ramb, Italian Auxiliary Cruiser, World War Two - The Italian Navy converted a number of transports into auxiliary cruisers. Some, such as the
Ramb series were built for the purpose. Regia Marina produces a 1:700 scale kit of the Ramb.