The new Combrig kit of the HMS Victoria/Sans Pareil is a fine kit and the resin barrels for the 16.25in/30 and 10in/32 guns will do out of the box.
However, if you want some barrels that are more refined and will not run the risk of warping as some resin parts can, then a rather inexpensive option
is the B&D Barrels set designed for this kit. For $9.00 US, you get three turned brass barrels: a pair of the 16.25 inch barrels and one 10 inch barrel. As
you can see in the photos, the brass versions just look better, more in scale and are much sturdier than the resin parts. The only clean-up they will
require is trimming off and sanding down the little nub of brass at the breech end, though with the 16.25 inch barrels, these will be hidden in the turret.
Please note that barrels were attached quick and dirty with a little bit of white glue to the turret to compare and contrast them.
If you wish to enhance your build of a Victoria-class battleship, this is an effective way to go. For the price, which includes shipping in the United
States or a minor fee for shipping everywhere else, you really can’t go wrong. My thanks to B&D Barrels for the sample.
Felix Bustelo