The German dreadnoughts SMS Baden and Bayern were impressive ships, massive and bristling with eight 15-inch guns in four superimposed turrets and a total of
sixteen 5.9-inch secondary guns poking ominously out of casemates along the hull.
Combrig’s kits of these sister battleships are very nicely done (here is my review
of the SMS Baden kit) and the resin barrels are adequate. However, no matter how good the resin versions are, they are not as refined or as in scale than CNC
machined brass barrels. Also, you will not run the risk of the resin parts warping or even breaking if you substitute them with brass barrels.

B&D Barrels has “Super Set” designed for
Baden and Bayern kits, with a full complement of 15-inch and 5.9-inch barrels. Now, guys and gals, that is a total of 24
beautifully turned brass barrels. As you can see in the photos, the brass versions in my opinion just look better, more in scale and are much sturdier than the resin
parts. You will notice that the B&D 15-inch barrels are noticeably longer than the resin counterparts. This means you will need to drill into the turrets to accommodate
the longer length, but this will also give the barrels a better anchor point since they are heavier than the resin versions. Please note that barrels were attached quick and
dirty to the turret with a little bit of white glue to compare and contrast them.
The SMS Baden/Bayern Brass Barrel Super Set (BD35057) will run you $69.00 with free shipping in the United States (a minor fee for shipping everywhere else).
If you are on a budget, B&D Barrels offers a set of the just the eight 15-inch barrels (BD35056) for $27.00. Either way, your build of either
SMS Baden or Bayern
will benefit. My thanks to B&D Barrels for providing the review sample.
Felix Bustelo