Battleships & Battlecruisers 2
HMS Iron Duke, Navis 1:1250 Scale, Enhanced by Kostas Katseas - This is the HMS Iron Duke by Navis in 1:1250 scale. Kostas Katseas enhanced the metal model with the addition of railing, rigging, cables, the buoy at  the bow and placed it in a sea
Re Umberto, Italian Battleship, Scratch-Built in 1:550 Scale by Gregory  Shoda - Here are photographs of Greg Shoda's model of the Italian predreadnought battleship Re Umberto.  The model is built to 1/550 scale.
HMS Renown 1942, Trumpeter 1:700 Scale, Built by Kostas Katseas - This is the HMS Renown in her 1942 fit. Kostas Katseas used the Trumpeter 1:700 scale kit, enhanced with the Flyhawk upgrade set.
USS Alaska, Neptun 1:1250 scale, Repainted by Kostas Katseas - Many ships are built with the intention to counter a specific opponent, which they never meet. The USS Alaska is such a ship. Built to engage large Japanese cruisers and a rumored
Japanese version of the
Graf Spee, Alaska and sister, Guam, provided heavy anti-aircraft support to USN fast carriers. Kostas Katseas repainted the Neptun 1:1250 scale USS Alaska in her camouflage pattern and mounted it in a sea base.
HMS Prince of Wales December 1941, Tamiya 1:350 Scale, Built by Veniamin Litvin - Veniamin Litvin assembled a model of the battleship Prince Of Wales from the Tamiya 1:350 scale kit. The model represents the ship on December 7, 1941.
Veniamin used two sets of extensions from Pontos and Eduard. The build was not easy and he had to fix a lot and do it himself.
Formidable, French Battleship, Scratch-Built in 1:550 Scale by Greg Shoda - These are photographs of my model of the old French battleship Formidable.  I love the old French ironclads and would have liked to have been in Toulon in the late 19th
century to see the French Mediterranean fleet lying at anchor.  The
Formidable was scratch-built in 1/550 scale.  Some of the photos also include the French battleships Courbet and Redoutable.