This was a commission to build the Bismarck, which took a total of 11 months to complete. I used the 1/350 scale Revell/Germany kit which was very well detailed. Eduard and Lion Roar Photo-Etch
was used to enhance the detail. I used Tamiya Acrylic throughout for the painting. The base was made from 2-inch thick Woodland Scenics foamboard. I dug a trench into the foam to
place the hull into. I did not want to risk trying to cut the hull down into a waterline configuration. The seascape is Celluclay painted with Tamiya Acrylics and then over-sprayed with Future floor wax.
Once I got the colors right I then poured Woodland Scenics Realistic Water over all. All of the rigging is .003 fishing line.

The ship is painted as it appeared on 26 May 1941 before the incredibly lucky torpedo hit by the British Swordfish planes that doomed her. Overall it was a fun and interesting build. My client was very
happy with the outcome and I consider it the best ship that I have done. It was very hard to turn the model over to him.
Derek Campbell