Most modelers don't get too excited about the smaller equipment on a warship model. How can you not get excited about the Black Cat Models Royal Navy 16-foot Fast Motor Boat. It may be a small boat but Black Cat packs the four boats that
come in pack
AC350054c with an incredible amount of detail. At first glance it appears that there are four identical boats in this pack. However, each boat is unique from the others. There are two boats with a bow cowl or windscreen, while there are
two boats with a flat deck at the bow and no cowl. Another distinction is that one boat of each type has bars extending beyond the rear roof of the cabin. All of the boats have steering wheels with individual spokes. The boats with a bow cowl have
their wheels underneath the cowl. Look at the photograph of the rear view of the boats and you'll see them. Even with 3D printing, how does
Black Cat do this! It is totally amazing! The steering wheels are merely the start of the fabulous detail on
these small miniatures. Look at the benches in the cabin, the deck planking, the flagstaff tripods, the stern light, cabin roof racks, the delicate louvers on the cabin's windows, the rudder and propeller shaft. About the only detail is the propellers. If your
Royal Navy 1:350 scale warship carries the 16-foot Fast Motor Boat as one of the ship's boats, this
Black Cat product is a must.
Black Cat Models does it again. The Royal Navy 16-foot Fast Motor Boat set AC350054c gives you four boats, each different from the others. The wonderful detail, including hidden steering wheels on two of the boats, has to be seen to be believed.
The four pack of these boats give you the finest the hobby has to offer.

Steve Backer
Huntsville, Alabama