The 2cm Flak C/30 gun was manufactured by Rheinmetal and was developed from the Swiss made Solothurn ST-5. The C/30 was fully automatic and had a fire rate of about 120 rounds per minute. The gun did suffer from feeding problems and
was prone to jamming. In addition, it had and undersized 20 round-magazine which meant frequent pauses for reloading. Nevertheless, the C/30 became the primary shipborne light anti-aircraft weapon for the Kriegsmarine and was fitted on a large
variety of German ships.

Ben Druel has expanded  the Black Cat Models line of 3D printed accessories by applying his wizardry to offer some Kriegsmarine guns. The first one is the 2cm Flak C/30 gun and it does not disappoint. The clamshell package contains seven
individual mounts and each one is incredibly detailed. The mounts are complete with no need for assembly, just careful removal from the thin attachment points. Each mount comes on a pedestal, with gun sight, elevation wheel, shoulder harness and
even the mesh bag to catch the used shell casings!  No need to fuss with photo-etch parts. You can download an instruction sheet from the Black Cat Models website, which will help point out the attachment points for removal.
This set can be used to detail many of the 1:350 scale Kriegsmarine ship models that are available in injection-molded plastic and resin and they will be a huge improvement to the 2cm Flak C/30 guns included with the kits. Depending on which
ship you are building, you may need to buy two or more sets to completely equip you build. My thanks to
Ben Druel at Black Cat Models for the review sample.

Felix Bustelo
New York