The searchlight is a common and essential piece of equipment for warships. Black Cat Models has added United States Navy searchlights to its growing line of 3D
printed accessories, producing a 24-inch and a 36-inch searchlight (
click here for a review). This review examines the 24-inch searchlight.

Black Cast Models 1:350 scale 24-inch USN searchlight is in a word, amazing. You get ten searchlights in set AC350021. The details on these searchlights really
standout. The body of the searchlight sits freely within the brackets as if they could be adjusted up or down. Each hand rung stands out from the searchlight. This is
a far cry from what you will get in an injection molded kit and in most resin kits. The reason the details are so crisp and fine is that they are 3D printed.
With set AC350021 Black Cat Models provides the best USN 24-inch searchlights that I have seen. These little beauties will help the modeler to super-detail their
1:350 scale USN warship with very little effort.
Black Cat continues to set the bar with its accessories.
Felix Bustelo
New York