Welcome to the Parade of the Black Cats. Of course I am referring to Black Cat Models accessories. Ben Druel, maître de maison of Black Cat Models, is so
dedicated to detail that he produces varieties of single gun 20mm Oerlikons. This particular review is on the "
20mm Oerlikon Mk. 10 gun on tripod pedestal with
cartridge case collecting bag",
set AC350002b. I'm just happy to have the choice of a tripod or conical mounts for my Oerlikons but that isn't good enough for Ben. A
cartridge collecting bag? A specific mark of gun? I don't recall ever seeing a 1:350 scale Oerlikon with a cartridge collecting bag. As I said in my review of the twin
Oerlikons by
Black Cat Models, these miniatures are spectacular! This set gives you twelve of these outstanding miniatures. Some have asked about ease of assembly.
Nothing could be easier. These are one piece castings. All you do is clip the casting stalks and sand of the remnants of the stalk from the part. Many after-market
Oerlikons in 1:350 scale use resin guns and mounts with photo-etch brass gun shields and sights. With this arrangement assembly is required, which may result getting
the gun shields or gun sights attached at the wrong angle. There is obviously no chance of that with the one-piece Black Cat castings. The Black Cat shields might be a
trifle thick but only minimally. However, the sight looks spot on. Look at the last photograph in this review. The photograph was taken this summer through the gun
sight of an actual Oerlikon on the
USS Alabama, preserved at Mobile, Alabama. The thickness of the Black Cat Oerlikon 1:350 scale sight looks like a scale match to
the 1:1 scale real deal. Going back to the gun shields, brass gun shields are almost always featureless. With the Black Cat versions you do get shield detail. This product
needs to be seen to be believed. The photographs here were taken through the macro setting on my Nikon and so greatly magnify these small guns. It is mind boggling
that Black Cat can pack so much detail on these small guns.
Mon Dieu, C'est Magnifique! After seeing the Black Cat Models 1:350 scale single gun Oerlikon Mk. 10 with tripod mount and shell casing collection bag, you may
start speaking in tongues but it will be French.
Steve Backer