One very common USN gun in World War Two was the 5-Inch/38 dual purpose gun. It was the standard heavy anti-aircraft gun for cruisers, battleships and aircraft
carriers right before and throughout the war. It was also the primary gun on destroyers. In configurations it could be found as single gun turret, twin gun turret and
open platform mounts.
Black Cat Models has produced the 5-Inch/38 Mk.30 gun on an open mount in 1:350 scale. There are four of these two-piece guns in each
back with separate parts for the mount and for the barrel. The gun mount is glorious with railing cast integral to the mount. Exquisite detail is found throughout from
the thin tubular safety railing, the anti-skid platform deck, the fuse setter and the mount machinery. The barrels on the other hand are a different story. My sample had
badly warped barrels on all four gun barrels. My guess is that it was only in my sample. I can't recall any other
Black Cat part having a warp. The barrels have open
muzzles and a lot of block detail. It may be possible to straiten the barrels by heating but I'm inclined not to do this even by heating it is difficult to fully straiten the
barrels. I'm more inclined to cut off the resin barrel and mount a brass barrel from one of the turned brass barrel providers. I think that this is probably a moot point
because the warped barrels are so untypical of
Black Cat Models product quality.
Steve Backer