Well, the Blitzkrieg of the Oerlikons from Black Cat Models has come to a pause. It is now time to turn to the Big Boys with the Black Cat battling Bofors. We will
start with Black Cat Models set AC350006b in 1:350 scale, the Bofors quadruple mount Mk. 2 mod. 2. This version is an early model and has rubber recoil covers.
Unlike the one-piece Black Cat Oerlikons, the Black Cat quad Bofors has three parts per gun mount. These consist of the mount, guns and Mk. 51 director. Like the
Oerlikon castings, the Bofor castings are top class. I especially like the tubular safety bars cast integral at the back of the mount. They look good and there is no need
in fiddling with photo-etch bending and attaching. Details are crisp with elevation wheels, seats, ejection chutes and other fittings. This is an open mount without the
gun shield in the front, as shown in the title photograph above. The gun parts have crisp gun sight bars and gun sights, with detailed feeding openings breech blocks,
rubber recoil covers, flared muzzles and open muzzle bores. Lastly you get the Mk. 51 directors for each of the four gun mounts included in this set.
Steve Backer