The Barrage of the Bofors from Black Cat Models enters its next installment by going across “the Pond” to the British cousin of the quad and twin 40mm guns – the
40mm Bofors Mk. VII Single Mount. The Mk. VII gun was developed late in the war and entered service in 1945. These two-man mounts were fitted to many post-
WW2 Royal Navy ships. The two-man crew consisted of a gunner, who sat on the port side of the mount and a loader, whose position was on the starboard side
adjacent to the ammunition clip rack. Set
AC350004b provides enough 3D printed resin parts to build four 1:350 scale guns.

Similar to the other
Black Cat Models offerings in the 40mm Bofors family, each gun consists of the mount and the gun barrel. Again, the printing is first-rate with a
lot of crisp detail. The safety bars cast integral aft of the gunner’s position are very thin and fine they are. You will not need to deal with bending photo-etch versions
and the printed parts are more 3D and are not flat like a brass photo-etch part would be. The details on the mount include the gunner’s seat, ejection chutes, ammunition
rack and other fittings. The gun parts have gun sights, loading chute, flared muzzles and open muzzle bores. The parts come on casting runners but have very thin
attachment points for easy removal. A set of instructions with CAD images of the parts and an assembled mount are available for downloading from the
Black Cat
These resin mounts are an excellent upgrade for your post-war Royal Navy or Commonwealth Navy ship model. My thanks to Ben Druel for providing the review
Felix Bustelo
New York