Black Cat Models set AC350056b is chock full of highly detailed 3D printed M2 Browning Machine Guns. Although it states that there are twelve guns in the package, the printing wafer gives you far more. What you get are six twin guns with
ammunition boxes and gun shield, eight single guns with ammunition boxes, eight single guns with no ammo boxes and eight gunners.As with all
Black Cat products, the detail is phenomenal. The guns do not have mounts, which makes them perfect
for many uses. They would work fine in PT boat gun tubs or with the addition of a pole stand, open deck guns. Although most rear gunners on USN aircraft used Browning .30 caliber machine guns, one of these would look fine on a 1:350 scale SBD
to TBD. If you can fit the gunner inside the aircraft gun position, you'll have to change the shape of the gunner's helmet to resemble aviation headgear.

Steve Backer
Huntsville, Alabama