"Yikes! Take Cover! That idiot is going to plow into the stern!" No, your 1:350 pilot has not polished off a fifth of Jack Daniel's while waiting in the landing pattern to come aboard your carrier. The problem is with Paddles, which was the nickname for
the Landing Signals Officer (LSO) in the US Navy. Given this nickname for the hand paddles the LSO used in signaling the alignment of an aircraft seeking to land safely aboard an aircraft carrier. If you don't have a LSO on your 1:350 scale carrier or he
can't be easily seen by your pilots, your accident rate will go sky high and you may be relieved of command of your carrier by your wife for the carpet carnage caused. The answer is
Black Cat Models set AC350049a, USN Carrier Personnel Set #1.
Most of the 36 figures included on the 3D printing wafer are landing signals officers with their paddles in different positions guiding landing aircraft. Is the pilot's approach too high, too low or just right? Does he need to be waived off completely? The
answer is up to you, because this set gives the right configuration for your LSO to meet any contingency. Detail is outstanding and these beauties can be used on 1:350 aircraft carriers from The Covered Wagon,
USS Langley, or into the nuclear age with
USS Nimitz. In addition to the numerous LSOs the set gives you a selection of catapult officers to launch your battling birds. Whether its your 1:350 scale Jimmy Doolittle waiting for the go signal from the Trumpeter Hornet's catapult officer to Maverick
waiting to be slung into the air in his 1:350 scale Tomcat, you have multiple configurations of catapult officers to choose from in dramatic poses. This
Black Cat Model set is a must for any propeller beanie or jet jockey aficionado. Its your carrier! Don't
let it leave harbor without
Black Cat Models.

Steve Backer
Huntsville, Alabama