This is my build of the excellent Black Cat Models 1:350 scale USS Farragut kit. I did an in-box review of this kit a few months back . (Black Cat Models USS Farragut Review) The Farragut-class destroyers consisted of eight ships and their
1,500-ton limit was to comply with the provisions of the London Naval Treaty of 1930.The ships were laid down beginning in 1932 and were completed by 1935. Twelve years after the
Clemson class, the last class of flush-deckers, was commissioned,
the United States Navy newest class of destroyers were commissioned in 1934 and 1935.
The model is essentially built straight from the box with little additions. I decided to back date the kit slightly by swapping the Mk. 51 gun directors for Black Cat’s Mk. 49 gun directors. I added a mix of Black Cat and L’Arsenal crew figures, used
Colourcoats paints for the MS 21 paint scheme and 005-inch Nitinol wire for the rigging. The flag came from the
Gold Medal Models decal set. Lastly the water was done using acrylic gel painted with acrylic artist paints. Some lessons learned while
building the kit:  3D parts are delicate and should be handled carefully for the most part. I did break off a couple of the 20mm Oerlikon barrels and used thin brass wire to repair them. The 3D parts are a definite time saver, just handle them with care.
The kit photo-etch is a bit thin and the railings are easy to maul. I pointed this out to
Black Cat Models, and they have told me that they have already made adjustments and the PE is a little sturdier in the forthcoming kits. Overall the model was a
pleasure to build and a good challenge dealing with all the detailed parts. I am looking forward to tackling the
USCGC Bertholf kit next and whatever else is released by Black Cat Models.

Felix Bustelo
New York