It is amazing that Black Cat Models produces 1:350 scale fittings, equipment and ordnance in such quickness and numbers as to stagger the modeler. No matter how fast Ben Druel produces his wondrous 3D printed accessories, modelers want more.
At one time I called Ben's father,
Jacques Druel, the Silver Knight of Normandy, as he produced items for L'Arsenal. However, Jacques never produced items as quickly as his son. It must have something to do with the somewhat warmer climate in
Brittany, where Ben resides. Perhaps we should nickname Ben, the Beast of Brittany because of the fierceness with which he produces new 3D printed parts and because of the
Black Cat logo. Anyway, here is a Black Cat product of a neglected
fitting, the deck access coaming.
Black Cat Models set AC350057c gives you beautiful deck hatches with hand wheels. Supplied are four different patterns of hatches, all of which have handwheels. One pattern is the large rectangular fitting and you
get two of these. Six are oval shaped. Six are circular. Nine are square shaped with rounded corners. These can be used to ramp up the deck detail on the models of various warship models because nobody but
Black Cat gives you this detail.
Black Cat Models set AC350057c is another superior product from the Beast of Brittany, Black Cat Ben. The four different patterns of deck hatch coamings that come with this set are extremely flexible in their use. Every navy used hatches with
handwheels. If you want the ultimate deck detail on your 1:350 scale model, these are the answer.

Steve Backer
Huntsville, Alabama