Whether for surface combat or antiaircraft defense, a gun system is only as good as the director controlling it. By 1934 the USN had introduced the Mk. 33 gun
director. However, they were not satisfied with this system and immediately went about making substantial improvements to it. Although one of the objectives was to
produce a lighter director for the follow up to the Mk 33, the successor was far superior in every other metric. The Mk 37 was four tons heavier than the Mk 33 but
was so successful that it was produced throughout World War Two and into the Cold War. The classical Mk 37 was optical sights behind the small doors and an optical
range finder ending in the ears on the side. First begun in 1936,the Mk 37 was first tested in 1939. For the first time the range finding mechanism was called a
computer. Capable of tracking aircraft flying up to 400 mph vertical or 250 mph vertical, it was capable of tracking almost any threat. The Mk 37 was given a flat top as
it was designed to accommodate radar from the beginning. Starting in 1941 Mk 4 DP radars were fitted to the Mk 37.

Black Cat Models has produced a spectacular Mk 37 with Mk 4 radar array in 1:350 scale. There are two directors in a box with each unit including two  pieces. These
are the director housing and the radar array. In the photographs of the
Black Cat Models product, look closely at the handrails and vertical ladder. They are not cast
flush with the sides of the director but instead are away from the sides and connected to it be short bars. This is marvelous casting work. You can also look at the Mk 4
array that seems to duplicate in resin the fineness of photo-etch brass. As with other
Black Cat Models products, the Black Cat USN Mk 37 Gun Director with Mk 4
Array is highly recommended.
Steve Backer